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Even MORE Coffee Filter Flowers

I posted pics of my mother-in-law's coffee filter flowers. Here are pics of her coffee filter roses: These might be even cuter than her previous flowers. I can't believe these were made from paper coffee filters. Wouldn't these be fun for an event? She learned how to make these by watching a BUNCH of YouTube… Continue reading Even MORE Coffee Filter Flowers

Random Ramblings

Coffee Filter Flowers!

My mother-in-law made these flowers out of coffee filters! Can you believe that? Super-cute and inexpensive to make. She learned how to do this by watching YouTube videos. She's so talented! xo Juli  

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72 Skeins and an Address Book

I was dragging my feet yesterday, getting ready for work.  It’s no fun working on a Saturday, but someone has to do it.  😉  Anyways, by the time I left out the door, I knew I’d cut my drive time awfully close.  The weather was unseasonably warm, so people were driving strange.  I’m not sure… Continue reading 72 Skeins and an Address Book