Six Sentence Sunday

Second Edition of #SixSentenceSunday

This is my second attempt at Six Sentence Sunday.  Woo Hoo!!!  Today’s excerpt is from the first book in The Williamson Vampires series, Chapter Three.


“Bobbi…isn’t able to have children,” Jason murmured to his wife in a feel sorry for her voice, as if I only had days left to live.

“Oh, I am so sorry.  I couldn’t imagine living in a world where I couldn’t have children.  I can see why Jason wanted Chloe to live with you.  Sometimes things happen for a reason don’t they?”

 I stared at the pair of them slack-jawed.


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16 thoughts on “Second Edition of #SixSentenceSunday”

    1. ROFL!!! Thanks Ana! My hubby HATES this particular character. He refers to her as “Java the Hut.” Maybe everyone should get a “smack-a-ho” turn. It could be a new vampire game! 😉 LOL


    1. Thanks Krystal! No punches, but lots of humor. These are my hubby’s LEAST favorite characters. Stephanie and Jason are the husband and wife team that are fun to hate. 😉 Thanks for the visit.


    1. We only wanted one child and that’s what we were blessed with, but we’re constantly being asked when we plan on having another. Ummm…Never? LOL

      I’m enjoying these 6 sentence posts, but their was SOOO much more to this scene that I wanted to share. Stephanie and Jason’s children are so awful! They should be the poster couple for “planned parenthood.” 😉


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