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#Blogophilia 49.4 Topic: “Interruption of Destiny”

What is Blogophilia?  It’s a highly addictive blogging group where once a week, fellow writers submit topics, link their posts via Facebook or Myspace, and incorporate the weekly prompts into a blog post using whatever style or format they wish.  It’s a great way to clear out the mental cobwebs.

This week’s post is dedicated to Ms. Sassy Sue!  You need to check out her post.  It’s hilarious!!!  🙂  Thanks Sue!!!!  

Blogophilia 49.4 Topic: “Interruption of Destiny”

Bonus Points:

(Hard, 2pts): include a Monty Python quote

(Easy, 1pt): mention widget

Sabrina squinted at the laptop screen with distain.  Juli had been sitting for hours, her fingers teasing and clicking against the keyboard.  Even though it didn’t look as though Juli had accomplished much, she had done a lot of staring off into nothingness.  That was progress.  Sabrina yawned and stretched before she repositioned  herself on Juli’s lap, the prime spot for editing purposes.

“Sabrina!  Move!”  Juli said, without any respect in her voice, as if she’d forgotten to whom she was speaking to.

Sabrina didn’t want to appear as if she were acknowledging Juli, but she did stick a claw into Juli’s thigh, a subtle warning that they both could be doing other things with their time.  Editors never seemed to get the respect that they deserved.

“Who?  What?  What’s going on?  What’s going on?”  Juli’s life coach came bounding into the room and ran under her chair.

“Diesel!  Go lay down!” Juli said.  She sounded grumpy.

“Is she done yet?  Is she done yet?”  Diesel was always an optimist.

 “Of course not, you mutt!  She’s looking intently into space.  Now she’s lost her concentration, thanks to you.  She’ll have to start all over again.”  Sabrina licked her paw daintily.  It had taken her years to teach Juli how to stare in one direction for hours.  She gave Juli’s wrist a lick, to show her that she cared.

“Eww!!!  Don’t lick!  That’s so gross.  I don’t need cat spit on me.”  Juli rubbed her hand against the knee of her jeans.  Not to be left out, Diesel used this opportunity to give her his own wet kisses on her hand.

“Guys!  Enough!”  Juli got up from her chair, sending Sabrina to the floor.  “It’s like Monty Python’s Flying Circus in here,” she grumbled under her breath.  She collected her empty coffee bowl, and headed towards the kitchen for a refill.

Diesel vacillated between his options.  Sabrina WAS down on the floor, always a good thing, but how could Juli retrieve her coffee without his personal supervision?  Decisions!  Decisions!  He gave Sabrina a quick kiss on the ear before racing towards Juli’s feet.

“Diesel!  Go lay down!”

Diesel’s heart was crushed.  Didn’t Juli understand how much he loved her?  He only wanted to help!  He hung his head down low.  There was a rumbling sound outside.  “Hey!  What’s that noise?” Diesel called out.  His hurt feelings were soon forgotten.  Did anyone else notice how noisy that truck was outside?  Thank goodness Juli had Diesel there to announce it!  What would she do without him?  He was sure that she hadn’t noticed it go by.  He wiggled all over, happy that he had been so observant when it came to important life events!  Nothing got by him.

“Must you be so loud?”  Sabrina hopped onto the still warm chair that Juli had abandoned.

Diesel skidded across the kitchen floor.  “Did you hear it?  Did you hear it?”  Diesel called out as he ran towards Sabrina’s perch.

“Of course, I heard it!”  Sabrina snapped.

“Sorry.”  Diesel hung his head down again.  He really did feel bad.  He didn’t like anyone to ever be upset with him, but then he noticed the “big, big, bone” he’d hidden under Juli’s desk.  He sure did love his treasures.

Sabrina gave him a look of disgust.  “It’s always ‘sorry this’ and ‘forgive me that’ and ‘I’m not worthy’,” Sabrina sneered.  “You’re supposed to be Juli’s life coach, not an interruption of destiny!”

Diesel felt terrible, though he had no idea what she was talking about.  He was doing the best that he could, but being a life coach wasn’t always easy.

Juli sighed as she came back to her desk.  “That’s my chair,” she reminded Sabrina, though they both knew differently.  She picked Sabrina up by one hand, sat back down on her chair, and positioned Sabrina so that she could sit in her usual spot on Juli’s lap.  After all, what was a writer without their editor?  Somebody needed to make sure that the “whats-it’s,” and “widgets,” and “who-ha’s” were in the right place!  Juli reached down and rubbed Diesel’s belly.  He grunted with pleasure.

Juli had always heard that writing was a solitary thing, but thank goodness, that wasn’t the case for her.  She had an entire staff at her disposal, day or night, and even on holidays.  What more could a writer want or need?  For a few moments, all was well at the Hoffman Haus.  Juli gave a slight stretch, and then got back to her novel.  She still had lots of work to do.

15 thoughts on “#Blogophilia 49.4 Topic: “Interruption of Destiny””

  1. Life coach and editor – I love the images. I have an oversized life coach who doubles as my fashion designer: makes sure I never wear black (by covering it in with white hairs)


  2. I never had a pet cat.. until my daughters cat Marshal got diabetes and she asked me to look after him for her.. at a time when she was heavily pregnant with my first Granddaughter … now that cat gradually unpicked my life and nudged me into a routine that suited Marshal… without me even know it until I was doing it … I thought of Marshal reading your wonderful concept of talking pets Juli … it is so funny and so true too… without a single doubt you have a rap-paw with your pets that is simply delightful… I can see now the value in having a relationship with one’s pets and it just makes me want to get one myself… I could do with an editor for sure… Dear Marshal succumbed to his ailments a year ago now.. but I still see his hairs now and then on my suits… thank you very much for this experience Juli… your imagination is indeed infectious …


    1. As I’m commenting back, the dog has taken over my legs, and the cat has turned herself into my wrist-rest. My critters love to be near me while I’m on the computer!

      So sorry for the loss of your daughter’s cat. I don’t know if you can ever truly “own” a cat. Sometimes I feel as though Sabrina thinks that she is gracing me with her presence! LOL


  3. OMG! That is totally my house! Ha ha! Only Diesel is Fido and I have a host of three cats who take turns. I guess none of them can stand my hack writing long enough to do it full time 😉

    This was fun!


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