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Joleene Naylor was kind enough to award me The Kreativ Blogger Award.  Thanks Jo!  I’ll admit that recently, I haven’t felt all that creative.  It’s been crazy at yonder Hoffman Haus!  🙂

Here are ten facts that you might not know.

  1.  My blog will be a one year old on 3-18-2012.  Wow!  Has it really only been a year?  Time flew by!!!
  2. I like to name inanimate objects, or at the very least, I refer to them all as “he” or “she.”
  3. I once got to ride on the back of an elephant.
  4. I’ve never been on a plane.
  5. I used to own a horse.
  6. I love old movies.
  7. When I’m not writing or blogging, or spending time with my family and friends, I am a manger.  Yup!  I don’t usually talk much about my job, but I’ve been in management for close to twenty years.  Most days, I love what I do.  Not so much the being in charge part, but I do love working with people.  I get a great deal of satisfaction when the people I’ve trained go on to management positions themselves.  It’s an amazing feeling!  
  8. I can carry a queen size mattress “like a man” *giggles* and move a sofa on a dolly…all by myself.  (I work in furniture sales.)  😉
  9. I have read the Bible from Genesis through Revelations, cover-to-cover twice, and most of my favorite passages MANY times, but I do NOT go to church.  I do adore taking pictures of them.
  10. I’m VIOLENTLY allergic to red dye.  In general, I stay away from all artificially colored foods, but red dye is my kriptonite.  I can’t have Red #40 or Crimson LakeCochinealNatural Red #4.  I break out in hives.  I have trouble breathing.  I become VERY sick.  No red hots.  No maraschino cherries.  No fruit punch.  Blah, blah, blah.  If it’s not born red, I can’t eat it, drink it, suck on it, or chew on it.  No theatrical blood for me! 

Now…to pass on the love.  I nominate Claire and Karole for the Kreativ blogger award.  Both women have been extremely supportive in my crazy writing endeavours.  Thanks again to you, Jo!  And to everyone, have a great day!!! 

13 thoughts on “Kreativ Blogger”

  1. Heh, I’m extremely amused at the idea of you carrying a mattress “like a man” – I of the puny strength would be happy to carry one “like a woman.”

    I have always always always wanted to own a horse. If you ever get another, adopt me please. 😀

    Let’s just say our first car was called Betsy. That is all. 😉

    And an elephant ride? Between that and the lifting power, I think I want to be Juli when I grow up. Oh, and happy almost blog birthday! And I’ve just realised you have a proper page on Facebook. You’re like a grownup. *Watches and learns* 😛


    1. OK…How to lift a mattress by yourself, “like a man,” for right-handers:
      1. Put the mattress on the floor on its edge, long ways.
      2. Turn the palm of your right hand so it faces out. Bend at the knees and put your right hand under the edge of the mattress, midway along the length.
      3. Raise your left hand up as high as you can reach. If you can reach the opposite edge, it’s easier, but you don’t have to. Use your left hand to help lift the mattress slightly off the ground, balancing approximately 80% of the weight onto your right shoulder. Your hands are used mainly to keep said mattress balanced. The core of your body supports the weight.
      4. Stand up the rest of the way…and there you go! 🙂 It’s more about balance than strength. Plus, it makes you look like Wonder Woman or Pippi Longstocking! Pippi could carry a horse over her head. Not THAT’S impressive!!!!! LOL

      I gave up my horse after my son was born, though Hubby made me wait a year after I made my decision. He didn’t want me to have any regrets…and I don’t. There’s just not enough hours in the day to do EVERYTHING. Now that my son’s getting older, I have thought about leasing a horse, but it’s going to be a few more years before that’s in the budget.

      Betsy is a fine name for a car! I call my current car “Blu.” Notice that it is spelled without the “e.” LOL Not very original, but it’s better than no name at all. 🙂

      The elephant ride was VERY cool.

      Hahaaaahaaaa…Who says I ever plan on growing up? Thank you for the blog birthday wishes! 🙂 Yeah, Once I officially decided that I was going to indie publish, I put together my FB page, etc. I did this WAAAYYY before my book was ready. It takes time to get all that going. I’ve got website that has…NOTHING on it, out there somewhere. He! He! I still have to figure that out. I’m TERRIBLE with technology. I knew I needed to learn how to do the marketing thing BEFORE I got the book out. It helps that my background is in sales/management. I see it as the writer’s equivalent of having a “soft opening” before the “Grand Opening.” Since then, I’ve read this advice over and over (not worded this way, of course)…from people who seem to know what they’re doing, but I didn’t know diddly squat about anything when I started. I just keep assuming there’s ALWAYS a better way of doing things and I keep learning as I go. I’m a LOT more nervous about making sure that my book says what I want it to say, is well edited, and that the formatting is correct. After that’s done, I’m actually looking forward to the promoting part. I think that will be fun, an adventure. I KNOW sales. That’s in my comfort zone, but it won’t do me ANY good if the product I’m peddling is crappity-crap-crap. LOL That’s why I’m NERVOUS! I’m not used to creating the product I’m selling. 🙂 Sales is 90% about making connections with people and only about 10% actually selling. I can’t stand sales people who don’t understand this. It’s SOOO annoying!


      1. LOL! Thanks for the education. I have no balance either, so I suppose I’m still screwed. I’m totally going to practice, though. Just so I can freak out my OH. Bwahaha!

        I’m sad about your horse – but I get what you mean about not having enough time for everything. I’m *still* trying to accept that!

        Betsy was a great little car. She looked like a Betsy, and I felt so guilty when we replaced her. I never took to that car. Blu sounds like a friend of Betsy. 🙂

        You’re so well prepared! The people who are most successful at this tend to be the best salespeople. I’m bad with sales and marketing (I know nothing), so I basically ignore it. LOL. I’ve never worked in sales before for a reason. 😀

        You’ll be fine. Trust me. The first of anything is hard because of the hopes and expectations and possibilities. There will always be something you don’t expect, but you’ll learn as you go. Things like editing and formatting can be helped by others, but the promotion and stuff has to come naturally or it can seem forced. You come across as warm and fun, so I think you’ll have no problems promoting yourself and your work. 🙂 Are you on Twitter?


        1. Thanks Claire! I’m on Twitter, though I haven’t kept up with my tweets as much as I’d like to. I’ve got my sites set up so everything’s all linked together.

          I know this sound silly, but sometimes I think I would enjoy getting into some kind of career where I’d promote other indie author’s work. I don’t know what’s out there already. It’s just an idea that I’ve kicked around. I need a LOOOOT more skills before that day rolls around. LOL In fact, I think I’d need to be my own guinea pig for YEARS and YEARS first.
          I can’t believe I’m sharing all of this. I’ve only told this to one other person about that fantasy, before today. I love helping other people succeed at work. I’ve lost track of the amount of employees I’ve lost, due to promotions. Makes me feel like a proud mama when any of my people move up on the food chain. 😉 Gesh! I can’t believe I’m sharing my work stuff either. I usually try to keep that part of my life separate from the rest of my life. Everything’s all muddied today! LOL


          1. I avoid Twitter because I ended up following back far too many people. Got overwhelmed and hid under my figurative covers. 🙂

            You know what, that’s so needed. Seriously. Go onto any writing forum, and you’ll inevitably hear people moaning about not being able to promote themselves. And a serious amount of us have variations of social anxiety disorders, which makes it even more of a challenge. 🙂 I’m sure there are PR types of things for indies, but I reckon most wouldn’t put a lot of heart into it. It doesn’t have to be a fantasy for you – I doubt it would take you years and years either. My only fear would be *you* getting taken advantage of by pushy egotistical writers. *Takes deep breath* 😀 Also, I know of quite a few writers who gave up because they couldn’t hack the marketing side of things. I sometimes get panicky about having a freaking blog and email, so imagine what’s it like for those spending eight hours a day promoting themselves!

            And I’m so not surprised that you would help people at work! As long as you don’t forget to make time for your own thing, I can’t see why the same wouldn’t work for you online. Some writers edit, format and create cover art for other writers, why not other stuff? 🙂


            1. Awwww….Thanks Claire!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂

              Twitter isn’t as fun as some sites. Too much, “Hey there! Look at me!!! Buy my book!” It’s that 90/10 thing. I’ve unfollowed many writers who are overly spammy.

              Creative people tend to be introverts. I’ve noticed that self-promotion is a common fear. I’m still figuring this stuff out myself, so I’m nowhere near ready to teach ANYTHING to anyone else. It’s just…thoughts, maybe too many cartoons. “See a need, fill a need.” If you try too hard to sell…anything, the first reaction you’ll get is “just looking!” This person may have planned on buying…something, but they will immediately shut down if you DON’T approach them the correct way. I don’t think it’s much different online, versus in real life, but I could be wrong. I’ll find out soon enough, I suppose. 🙂

              If I were to do something like that, I’d be picky-choosey. No steam-roller, dump-trucks, or heavy duty machinery…errr writers! LOL


              1. Yeah, I’m in the middle of an unfollowing spree because I feel as though it could be a fun place to keep in touch when I don’t have the time for massive, meandering blog posts. 😉

                One of my favourite shops is Lush, but I have to buy the stuff online because the staff are so pushy in the actual shops. I know I’m an anti-social weirdo, but the majority of people who shop there complain about the same thing. It’s kind of a running joke at this stage. I always think of that when I see people talking about promoting online. It’s like… if people are actively trying to avoid you then surely you know you’re doing it wrong.

                The wrong writer, and you could be put off for life. There seems to be a high number of lunatics among us, too. 😉


                1. OMG! Bath and Body Works is one of my favorite stores, and “just looking” could be its own drinking game! I just want to scream, “Leave me alone! I’ll tell you if I need anything.”

                  The best salespeople are subtle. They “act” like they’re NOT helping you. They “look” like they’re busy. They are friendly and say hello, but truthfully, they seem as though they’re too busy to bother you because they’re in the middle of something important. They allow you to look around a little. Then, as you begin to walk away, they might say something innocent like, “Is it still raining outside? I forgot to close my windows.” Before you know it, you’re having a conversation with this salesperson and you’re telling this stranger the story about the time you forgot to close your windows, and the rain came in, blah, blah, blah. You’ve made a connection. The salesperson is no longer a stranger or an extension of the register. When this same salesperson FINALLY gets around to telling you about the sale the store is having, you’re interested in hearing what they have to say. They ask you questions. You give them feedback and you end up buying something that you actually need, and maybe a few additional items you hadn’t considered as well. You feel good about your purchases. You don’t even mind parting with your hard earned money. You might even find yourself giving your new “buddy” a hug! (I get several hugs from strangers everyday. 😉 It’s very sweet. One of the perks of my job.) That’s the 90/10 way of selling. I have customers I’ve known for over a decade. I know them by name, and they know me.

                  I know online selling is different, but it’s the same principles apply. Look at Amanda Hocking. Her blog isn’t so much about “buy my books,” it’s silly stories about her staying up all night and the snacks she eats, etc. She’s good at connecting with people. I honestly think that’s part of the reason she’s so successful.

                  OMG! LMAO! I’ve met some lunatic writers! There’s a LOT of them out there!!! He! He!!!!


                  1. As an aside, I’ve *always* wanted to shop in Bath and Body Works. I just want to sniff everything. 😀

                    Yeah, definitely. You so smart, Julz. 😉 It’s all about connecting and knowing your audience. I always said about Amanda that she knew her audience and catered to them wisely. The biggest step can be finding the people you’re writing for. Next step is giving them what they want. She was smarter than a lot of people gave her credit for, particularly at the time.

                    I know. I am one. 😀


  2. I used to work with a woman who named her stapler and pens etc… and she complained about all the form letters, something we could do nothing about. If she had spent that time working….

    You’ve never been on a plane?????????

    waving hello stranger 😀


  3. #1 – congrats!
    #2 – I have a purse named Bob 😉
    #3 – me too! At Ringling brother’s circus. her name was Suzy. i was 11. I remember pointless facts…
    #9 – I skipped Paul’s letters, i admit it :p
    #10 – yeoch! That sucks! And that stuffs in almost everything! Except Coffee. For now… Just give them time!

    PS – horses are scary, LOL! (yes, sad, I know!)


  4. Red dye is in WAY too many things. Coffee is still safe. Thank God!

    Bob the purse…nice!

    Ah…but I see the Bible as the history of people who have ROYALLY F-ed up, but were used by God anyways. Pages and pages of, “Seriously? WTF!!! He/she did…WHAT?” There are SOOO many passages that are rarely talked about in church, because they are NOT politically correct.

    *Here’s a PG rated Example: Noah and the ark.
    Every kid knows the story. It’s an epic tale, and there are variations of this story all over the world. Genesis 6:8 – 9:29 Conveniently, nobody seems to remember Genesis 9:21, but that’s my FAVORITE part of the story. Noah’s big boat trip is long over, and his kids find him passed out, drunk, and naked. I must have too much imagination, because I can picture the looks on his son’s faces. The heavy sighs. The grumbling. The, “I can’t believe Dad did this! He’s drunk as a skunk! He’s totally passed out! Oy Vey! Let’s cover him up before someone else sees him.” Followed by more eye rolling. It shows me that parents have screwed up and embarrassed their kids for thousands of years, the world still moved on, and very little has changed over time. I find that comforting. A very similar scene could be happening right now, at trailer park near you! 😉 LMAO! *This is also why I should NEVER be allowed to teach a Sunday school class.

    I would make an attempt to convince you that horses are NOT scary, but I have two titanium plates in my left arm that prove otherwise. My horse dumped me in the middle of nowhere and I broke my arm. It looked like I had 2 elbows, very gross.


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