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Wordle Pic: Chapter One

I found a new “toy” yesterday.   It’s a site called Wordle.  It takes your text, and graphically shows you your most used words.  I’ve been playing with it this afternoon.  I got rid of many more of my “Darlings,” my frequently used words.   Here’s a look at Chapter One of my WIP.

Chapter One of my WIP
Wordle Pic: Chapter One of my WIP

Yay me!  I also figured out how to make a screenshot!   I think I’m the last blogger on the planet who didn’t know how to do this, but I shared the link anyways!  🙂  Today is a good day!

13 thoughts on “Wordle Pic: Chapter One”

  1. ok I tried it on my blurb. so? do the colours mean different things? I must be missing something How do you know which words are used too frequently?
    think I took my stupid pills today instead of my blood pressure meds…


  2. I sent you an e mail the other day….. and as to the comment – yeah they been visiting but that’s it now The first one featued jorick and this one Katelina. I’m getting addicted to challenges now….. oh woe is me 😀


  3. ha ha! i once did something like that (maybe the same thing? i dunno!) but it used your name and a google search to find “your keywords” or something like that… I dunnno, but never seen it used for this application, a good idea that i may be stealing! As soon as I get the book covers caught up I am going to hit the editing 😀 So high five for cross application!


    1. PLEASE!!!! It’s not stealing if I gave it to you! LOL Of course, It’s not mine to give either. he! he! 😉

      I don’t understand myself, sometimes. I HATE learning new technology, but I love finding new tools to help me, like my buddy, Microsoft Sam, etc. 🙂


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