My Warranty Has Expired, It’s My Birthday

First of all, a disclaimer:  I hurt my right wrist and thumb this weekend, so I'm attempting to use my Kindle to write this post.  Also, if any of this doesn't make sense, we can blame that, my one-handed typing, and any meds I may have taken.  Don't say I didn't attempt to warn you.… Continue reading My Warranty Has Expired, It’s My Birthday


Passive Sentence Junkie

I found a “new to me site,” Paper Rater, on Friday and I finally understand the difference between a passive sentence and an active sentence. Paper Rater gives free stats on word choice, grammar, and spelling. I really enjoy using this free site. Unfortunately, I discovered that I have a lot more work to do… Continue reading Passive Sentence Junkie

Death, Gimp, Writing

I made it through Easter weekend!

It's the Monday after Easter and...I made it through.  There's been a lot of death and sickness going on among the people I care about, but I made it through this Easter weekend. For those of you who don't know, my mother passed away on a Good Friday.  She'd suffered with Multiple Sclerosis my entire life.  Her immune system… Continue reading I made it through Easter weekend!