10 thoughts on “Theme Advice: HELP!”

  1. I like the theme, but it has a few issues. Having to scroll to read, for instance. There’s a lot of space above your header, and your header is pretty large. These are, according to advice I’ve read, Bad Things. (I need to fix the header issue on my own blog one of these days.)

    Do you have the option to put the menu bar above the header? That might help. Also if you can I’d get rid of the “bookmark the permalink” widget so the menu bar doesn’t get doubled up.


    1. OOOOHHHHH!!!!!!! YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is helpful advice. There were a couple of themes I was playing around with last night. I got too tired to think and finally put the whole blast thing away! LOL


    1. LMAO! No, No, No!!!! It REALLY was something I’d been thinking about. It’s like when you ask “Hey, do you think these shoes go with this outfit?” You’re already at the restaurant, therefore you can’t change your shoes, so all of your buddies say, “Oh, No! Your shoes look fine!.” Meanwhile, you’re clomping around in your “granny shoes” and your outfit doesn’t look like it could. 😉 I’d rather someone say something so I can go back to my CAR and change my shoes! Who knew I had shoes there, right? LOL


  2. I like what you’ve done now. I don’t know if you had it all on a black background before (which is one of my issues too–reading light text on a dark background hurts my eyes) but I like this.


    1. I played with it a little more. Better? Worse? Sad thing is, this is the SAME theme I had a year ago! LOL I’ve come full circle!!!!!!!! He! He!

      Yeah, I had the black background with white letters thing for many months.


  3. You should go with something daring. i say this because I *don’t* but always want to :p

    I do have to do a happy dance for black letters on white, though 😉 I was copying the blogs and pasting into word to read them, LOL!


    1. JO!!!!!! Why didn’t you tell me?!?! GESH!!!! Crap, Jo! If ANYONE had a right to to say anything about not being able to read my blog, it’s you! 🙂 Shoot-darn’t!!! LOL I’ve Beta’d two of your books! That means you are allowed to say, “JULI! I can’t read your !@#$% blog! Fix it, woman! ” ;p You’re going to get me all “misty-eyed” that you went to ALL that work copying and pasting my dribbles. I’m touched…and I feel terrible! It’s just a “theme.” I’ll be first to admit it, I don’t have an eye for this kind of stuff. In fact, I don’t have any strong feelings one way or the other when it comes to themes on blogs. Sad, right? I’m more about the content of a blog than anything else.

      It’s like coloring your hair. I went silver prematurely. I’ve had to color my hair since I was 16. Premature graying runs in my family. My natural color was almost black, but with my pale skin, I looked like Snow White! What can you do? Genetics are a funny thing! Anyways, I’ve been every color but blond. I don’t have to look at me, so why shouldn’t I try different shades? 😉 LMAO! No joke. It’s just hair! Hubby bought the last few bottles of hair color for me. He wanted to see what I’d look like as a red head, and I was like, “Sure! Why not?!” I think I’ve been every shade auburn, but I have never gone the shade of red that I’m currently sporting. I like it, but I liked the other 30ish colors I’ve been, too. He! He! He! 🙂

      The point is, hair color, blog themes, font…none of it’s permanent. It all can be changed! SERIOUSLY! I’m not mad at you or the person who let me know that my blog was difficult to see. I’ve been thinking about changing it, but I’ve just been too lazy/busy with other things to mess with it. Sight and seeing are “sort of” important priorities! 😉 I just feel bad that I was creating extra work for you. I might as well have kicked your dog, too! Crap! I might as well line up everyone’s’ pets, that way I can get them all out of the way at once. ROTFLMAO!!!!!!

      So, now that I’ve gotten that out of the way… LOL I’m thinking I need to do “something,” but I don’t know what. This is SOOOO NOT my forte! All I know is that if I’m keeping a white background, the theme has to have a BIG HUGE font, the bigger, the better. I have trouble seeing black letters on a white back-lit screen. Weird, right? I don’t know if it’s my astigmatism or what, but If the font is too tiny, it all smears to gray without my glasses on. “Ctrl” and the “+” are my best friends when I’m not wearing my glasses. What a pain in the tushie! Plus, I think I need to do something snazzy with the header, but that will probably mean that I will need to learn Gimp. If I had the choice between playing with Gimp and giving myself an at-home root-canal, I’d lean towards the root-canal. I do have an impressive collection of power tools! LOL Any incites, thoughts, blah, blah, blah…would be fantastic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  4. I have to change my theme too – but just not in the mood to fiddle – cause as with you I’d be up all night. I do colour my hair – it’s red – not sure what original colour was – should have taken the baby curl I found when cleaned mother’s house out….

    wordpess has changed I used to be able to reply to this without logging into wordpress now I can’t I hate change


    1. I giggled out loud when you mentioned the “baby curl!” I have old pics as my proof…REALLY old pics! LOL

      I haven’t run into this problem with comments yet, but then again, I NEVER properly shut down my laptop. I just close the “lid” and unplug the !@#$% thing when I’m done for the day. Hubby used to tell me that, “You can’t do that!” But…since I HAVE done this for MANY years, with three different laptops, I guess that means I CAN do that! LOL Most of the time, I DO remember to click on the “X” to log me off the internet first, but since I don’t “officially” turn off my laptop, I’m still logged into everything. Yes, I am lazy this way! 🙂


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