Death, Dreams

My Grandma-nor decided to visit me last night in my dreams.

Great Grandparents, Frank and Mildred Wilson

I woke up early from a strange dream last night.  I had a visit from my dead grandmother, my Grandma-nor.  I was dreaming of something else at first, but then the dream seemed to take a bad turn, and that’s when I found myself back in my own bed.  I think my grandmother sent me there.  Grandma-nor said that she was cold, so I offered to let her curl up next to me.  I tend to run warm.  You’d think it would be a creepy dream, but it wasn’t.  I loved my Grandma-nor very much.  It reminded me of when I was four years old.  I came to live with her for a couple of weeks after the middle sister in my family had been born.  My grandmother would curl up beside me, and tell me stories, and I remember that was the only time I felt truly “safe” while I was away.  Two weeks is a LONG time to a four-year-old, and I didn’t end up coming home until FOUR weeks after my sister was born.  That’s a long time, but that’s neither here nor there.  Anyway, in my dream, I was curled up under the covers with my grandmother tucked up beside me, her hand on my arm, and we talked.  She asked me about my husband, how he was doing, and my kiddo.  We had a nice visit.  I miss her.

7 thoughts on “My Grandma-nor decided to visit me last night in my dreams.”

  1. Awww… I miss her too. I especially miss her being in better health, when we were younger. I miss watching her cut up cheese, Spam, and corned beef in a can, for us to eat on crackers. I miss everyone sitting around talking in her kitchen, when she lived in Farmington, late at night, drinking coffee, no matter what your age. I miss that all of our names ended in “Dear”. She always had a way of making everyone feel special.


    1. She was such a cutie! It was so hard when her health began to deteriorate.

      In my dream, she kept calling me “Juli Dear,” and she went down the ENTIRE list of family members. “So how’s Jennifer Dear? How’s Jessica Dear? How’s Jay Dear?…” It was SOOO sweet! I know it was just a dream, but it felt real, like she wanted to make sure the family was doing OK. Maybe she was checking up on us. 🙂 I’ll tell ya, Jen, I did NOT want to wake up! Even in my dream, I knew she was dead, and I didn’t want to leave her.

      I forgot about the Spam and corned beef, kid-sort-of-friendly hors d’oeuvres! Oh! And butter-pecan ice cream! It took me the longest time before I would eat the nuts. Now, it’s one of my favorites. Every time I eat butter-pecan ice cream, I think of Grandma-nor!

      I had to look it up. She died a year ago on Sept 13th.


    1. My grandmother was a trip! She was SO sweet and loving…and funny! She was such a lady. Loved ALL things Victorian. And yet, some of my favorite strings of curse words came from my grandmother. She’d always say, “pardon my French,” immediately afterwords, like that fixed everything. I think I was around 10ish before I discovered that those weren’t actually French words. LMAO! She was an easy person to love. 🙂


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