I must be going through my second childhood.

I’m an avid reader.  I read all kinds of books, all sorts of genres.  I’ve got a Kindle PACKED with books and shelves puking over with hardcover and paperbacks.  I LOVE to read.

But lately, I’ve had a rough time finding anything NEW to read.  Is it just me, or does it feel like a lot of the “new” stuff that’s been coming out is all the same?  Maybe I’m in a reading funk or something, but if I see one more 50 Shades-of-I-Want-to-Get-On-The-Same-Gravy-Train…I’m going to throw something!  I don’t know what, but I’m throwing SOMETHING!  It’s not that I’m a prude.  It takes all kinds of books to make the world turn around, but I like books with more…story.  Does that make any sense?  I don’t mind a bit of romance thrown in, but not if it’s stuck in there strictly for filler.  I just started reading a book like that, written by a popular, but “new to me” writer, and I swear the romance scenes seemed like they were shoved in as an afterthought, like the author was writing one kind of book, but then decided that “sex sells” and randomly put in some sex scenes.  They weren’t tasteful done, WAY too graphic.  They made no sense as far as the storyline was concerned.  I have NO plans to finish this book.

So in my quest for “new to me” reading material, I’m going backwards.  Yup!  I’ve been reading out of the young adults section.  Not anything with teen romance in it, because teen romances make me feel…old.  LOL  But still, once you weed out those, there’s some REALLY entertaining stuff out there!  There are a lot of creative authors emerging.  I’ve been pleasantly surprised.

I’m reading a mystery/ghost story right now.  It’s something I haven’t seen done before, though I’m only halfway through.  And yes, it is a tad embarrassing to drag along a YA novel to read on my lunch break at work, but I suppose it could be worse.  He! He!  😉

Have a great day!


9 thoughts on “I must be going through my second childhood.”

  1. sorry about the blank up there site not working. I can give you a list. right now reading Richard Wagamese a canadian native writer whose prose is poetry. Also reading some friends books, one a romance but excellent story. Or mysteries the Sharon McCone series is very good. Also catching up on some vamps and devils series I enjoy. Depends how you search for books as to what you find.


    1. I’m further along today in my YA reading, but I’m still not sure how this story is going to end. Only a couple more chapters to go. The book is called “Spellbinder” by Helen Stringer. I think she’s a British author, based on some of the phrases used, though I haven’t looked her up…yet. It’s REALLY well written.


  2. Ha ha! I love teen romances. They’re so goofy 😉 But then I also like a lot of YA books. My mother used to read mine back in the day, so I’ve never seen anything wrong with adults reading them. YA kids read adult books after all! And some of them are quite good. 🙂


    1. LOL Teen romance novels can be hilarious, they’re so goofy. You just want to shake the characters. I don’t know how anyone survives their teens…or their twenties, for that matter! Got angst? 🙂


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