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I got another project off the “to do” pile.

“Fresh Scent Green”


I’m still plugging away at things over here.  Last week, I got a BIG project out of the way and out of my living room!  I got this shelf from my Dad’s neighbor.  It originally went over their sliding door, but I thought it would work well in my Kiddo’s room.  I wanted to give him a place to display his “treasures.”  Kiddo picked out the paint.  We got all the supplies.  Then…it sat…and sat…and sat.  I think I’ve literally been tripping over this project for the last 6 months.  Yes.  I’m THAT disorganized!  Anyways, no more sulking over the past.  It’s painted.  It’s hung up.  It’s off of my to do pile!  YAY!  One more thing, out of my creative space.

Upside down shelf, sitting on bricks, ready to be painted. Kiddo helped. 🙂 My lawn is dead from the heat and lack of rain.
Half painted
Wow! That’s green!!!


All hung up! The wall color is more of a “Pepsi” blue, but it’s hard to see that in this pic. Kiddo picked out the color combo.

10 thoughts on “I got another project off the “to do” pile.”

  1. I have nail polish that exact colour. 😛

    Well done for finishing that job. I won’t get into all of our unfinished jobs, or I’ll end up sobbing. 😀

    Btw, (off-topic but quickly before I have to leave ‘netland again) I received my first edit back of Taken from my editor today. Best/cleanest one yet, thanks to the help. 😉


  2. Love the shelf – looks great! We were trucking along at the start of the year but now that we’re hanging out in “we might buy a house limbo” it’s all ground to a halt… grrrr…


    1. I’ve lived in “We might buy a house” a couple of times.” Not fun! The worst time was when we had just signed the final paperwork to buy a condo, and the next day, hubby lost his job! Luckily, we had a few days to back out of the deal…which we did, but we were already half packed and ready to move. We made the right decision, as it took months for him to find another job, but I mourned for that stupid condo for close to a year, hubby and I both did. It was BEAUTIFUL!


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