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I Feel OLD!

I used to think people aged gradually over time, bit-by-bit, day-by-day.


I was wrong.  You wander along, feeling like YOU, not thinking about your age or the calendar until you have a moment of clarity.  These moments smack you upside, downside, and in every other direction.  You’re not prepared for them.  You think, WHOA!  When did THAT happen?

This morning’s moment of clarity hit me while I was drinking my morning pot cup of coffee.  Like a lot of folks, I take pills everyday.  Nothing serious, but there’s a daily multivitamin, a few supplements, etc.  I don’t know what’s going on, maybe it’s habit that’s making me sleep-walk through my daily pill-taking routine, but I’ve been having a LOT more, “Did I take my pills?” mornings/evenings.  I know this kind of thing happens to everyone.  That’s NOT what aged me.


I had an epiphany.  I thought, “Hey!  I’ll just pick up one of those pill organizers. Problem solved.”  In my mind, this was NOT a sign that I’m getting older.  It’s not a sign that I need start yelling at kids to get off my lawn.  No.  This was me, behaving in a practical manner. Grownups are practical, right?  Accidentally taking the wrong dose of pills?  NOT practical.

I’ll admit, I may have gotten a little cocky.  “Look at me, being a practical adult!  I can adult with the best of them.  Adult! Adult! ADULT!”

So, I popped onto Amazon’s website, and I typed in: pill organizer.

And I see this beauty:

Pill organizer

I think, “This is GREAT!  Look at how organized this is!”  (The deluxe version has a reminder timer.)  I am jazzed by my find.  I think, “AWESOME!  I’ll only have to load up this bad boy once a month.”  This is about as close as this Perfectionist will ever get to “one and done” when it comes to pill organizing.  I’m about to order it, thinking, “Where can I put this baby where it will be convenient, but not get in the way…”

And it hits me.

This is not a cute Hello Kitty pill organizer that I can shove in my purse when I’m on my way out the door.  This is NOT the VW Bug of pill organizers.  No.  This is a Winnebago.  It’s the Monolith.  It’s Pill Organizers Gone Wild—Uncensored.  This is like looking for a tiny sporty-car with two seats, and finding yourself Jonesing for an eighteen-seat church bus.

There’s NOTHING wrong with this organizer.  For a lot of people, this is EXACTLY what they need.  But I don’t usually WANT pill organizers roughly the same size as the bathroom of my last apartment.  It’s like “Bow ties are cool,” or “Accordions are cool.”


But what does that say about me?

xo  Juli

PS  I think I also found my future walker.  It’s candy-apple red, with chrome trim, and flames painted on the legs.  (So it goes faster.)  Yes, Juli.  You. Are. Old.  😉

Thanks again, Bernadette over at Haddon Musings!  (Waving Hi!!!)

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35 thoughts on “I Feel OLD!”

  1. You are not alone – I saw the image and my eyes lit up, lol. I’m currently downing three pills a day (Vitamin D and a B-Stress deal), when I remember and am thinking of adding a joint supplement to the mix for good measure. I don’t “need” something that big just yet, but boy howdy does it look cool. sigh. I’ll be looking for the “red flamin’ ” walker too…just, you know, to have it in case I ever need it. *ahem*

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  2. Well, I saw the image and thought, That’s quite the monolith. Or cash register. Are you going to go with this? I think I’ll look for the Hello, Kitty one.

    Bow ties are cool. Doctor Who says so.

    But I take your meaning. When I was forty, I was told I had the heart of an eighty-year-old. But I try not to dwell. That would only make more stress on the heart. Still, we are aging. And we get or encounter reminders, like the typewriter up there.

    Is there grace in it? Damn, I don’t know.

    Thanks for providing so much with which to commiserate.


  3. This cracked me up, Juli. My husband and I got our first pill organizers about 8 years ago, just 7 little sections. Then we got a second set, one for the morning, one for the evening. Now we need to Winnebago of all pill cases. Ha ha. Yep, a sure sign of age!

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  4. If being forgetful is getting old…then I think I’m close. I’m praying hard that I won’t get dementia… Not till my last day on earth… Hahaha! I can’t even remember my passwords nowadays and have to constantly refer to my notebook.
    Currently, I’m on medication for my eyes. Have been doing this for more than 6months. I have to drip the eye drops twice daily. Even so, I’ll forget. Marking down doesn’t work as I’ll forget to mark the number of times I drip. Can’t think of any way 😦

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        1. Then the alarm going off would help you find it!!!! He! He! “What’s that sound?” “Don’t worry, that’s just my phone sending out its daily distress call. I’ll find you phone! Just keep ringing…” LMAO!

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  5. Goodness, I complain at how long it takes me to fill up the little weekly one, that model up there would probably take an hour to load!

    Yep, it sneaks up on you. Which is why I’ve decided to stop aging all together. 😉

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  6. I hear ya Juli! I’m approaching the 50 mark this year! I take only two vitamins a day thank goodness so no pill box needed yet…but by bones are starting to creak! I may have to add glucosamine to the mix – and now I have to use readers to see too – this getting ‘old’ sucks! But then again, my dad always reminds me – every day above ground is a blessed day! 🙂 🙂

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    1. Better above ground than below! I recently added Omega 3 to my daily routine, and while it’s improved my mood and seems to help with the spaciness/What was I doing? moments, it’s not quite a habit just yet. I’ve only been using it a month, and it shouldn’t have thrown off my routine, but it has. The brain’s a weird thing! 🙂

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  7. This was hilarious. Thanks for the great laugh!

    Lately, I’ve been putting back the menu at restaurants so I can read what they say. I remember thinking at one time, “Only old people do stuff like that.” LOL

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