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Another Tote Done, But A Lousy Day!

Today started out strong.

I knocked out another tote.

I reclaimed my fireplace.

My fireplace mantle.
My fireplace mantle.

I was having a great morning…until I wasn’t.  I won’t go into details, but when things go wrong at yonder Hoffman Haus, they tend to do so in biblical proportions.  I had to call off work, something I hate to do because A) I like the pretty, pretty money, and B) I don’t want to seem like a total flake calling off at my new job.

Ah well… Tomorrow’s a new day and all that jazz.  I suppose I just need to move forward.  I’m going to try not to let today’s setbacks be an excuse to keep me from reaching my goals, but it’s hard.  When things go wrong, like REALLY wrong, as they tend to do from time to time, it usually derails my plans for days, maybe even weeks.  There’s wallowing and a pity-party.  Snacky foods are eaten in abundance.  Binge watching Netflix seems like a fantastic idea!  Seriously, Season 4 of Once Upon a Time is finally up on Netflix.  It’s calling my name as I write this.  But, avoiding living my life won’t help me reach my goal.  UGH!!!  Sometimes, I hate being a grownup!  A little foot stomping and a temper tantrum would feel really good right about now.

9 thoughts on “Another Tote Done, But A Lousy Day!”

  1. I love the fireplace mantle. It looks great. I understand how you feel – there are times when I feel like a little foot stomping might be a reliever. But I talk myself out of it and as my mother used to say “rise up above it”.

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