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It’s Noon O’Clock!

I'm slowly coming out of my hermit phase.  Kinda.  Sorta.  Maybe.  If the months were a clock, then December would be noon.  January would be one o'clock.  February would be two o'clock.  And so on...  You get the picture, right?  Anyway, I seem to go through hermit phases.  Mid-summer brings out the hermit in me… Continue reading It’s Noon O’Clock!

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Another Tote Done, But A Lousy Day!

Today started out strong. I knocked out another tote. I reclaimed my fireplace. I was having a great morning...until I wasn't.  I won't go into details, but when things go wrong at yonder Hoffman Haus, they tend to do so in biblical proportions.  I had to call off work, something I hate to do because A) I… Continue reading Another Tote Done, But A Lousy Day!

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What’s Your Story’s Worth??

I was folding laundry while I watched TedTalks on Netflix this morning.  I've learned if I want to be productive with the TV on, I can watch TedTalks or an episode of Hoarders.  If I watch TedTalks, I learn something new.  If I watch Hoarders, I want to throw out everything in my home.  Both shows… Continue reading What’s Your Story’s Worth??