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A Broken Laptop Haiku?


Video card died,

Death to XP laptop friend.

Upgrade to Vista?

My former laptop went into retirement last night.  She was slow, but functional…until yesterday.  I’ve seen computers with the “blue screen of death,” but this was a yellow screen, a lovely shade of buttercup.  Nice on a wall, perhaps.  Not so good on a refurbished laptop.  So now I’m using a “newer” refurbished computer, and by newer I mean 7 years old instead of 10.  No complaints from me!  As long as hubby’s willing to Frankenstein computers together, I still have a machine that will get me on the Internet. My laptop’s not old, it’s vintage!

*Writing 201

18 thoughts on “A Broken Laptop Haiku?”

    1. The newer laptop “might” be able to run W7, but hubby said something about registration/licencing? I don’t know. He buys non-working Dell laptops in “lots” for VERY little money and Frankenstein’s them back together. It’s a hobby of his. He can usually cobble together a couple of working computers if he has enough broken ones. It’s a cheap way to keep us in computers. I don’t need anything fancy. I’m not a gamer. I don’t save a bunch of stuff on my hard drive​, so even my old XP ran faster than the computers at work, even with multiple tabs opened. I know a lot of people ran out and bought new computers when MS stopped supporting​ XP, but my old girl worked fine until the video card died. I use a different, older computer JUST for writing. I don’t allow it to connect to the Internet. Years ago, I had a computer catch a virus that screwed up all of my writing files. Thank goodness I save backups of my backups, but still… Now I just keep a separate computer for writing and save EVERYTHING onto a couple of external drives. I keep my machines clean, so if I DO need to reformat them, or they crap out on me, there’s nothing on them to lose. Plus, ANY computer runs soooo much faster if you keep the bare minimum on it, even if it is on the older side, like tenish years old. LOL


    1. Yeah…I tend to name my cars, laptops, etc. *Sniff* This last laptop was highly decorated, too! Stickers from places we’d traveled to, slapped on haphazardly. We had some good times together. 😉


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