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You’re Spiffier Than A Pair Of Novelty Socks With Ponies On Them Award.

Balance each day.

Live as if you

Only have this moment.

Give yourself permission to

Accomplish your dreams.

Write daily,

A sentence at a time.

Real progress is a crooked path of


*Writing 201, 2nd Assignment

I received three blog awards last week.  I know some people aren’t interested in badges or blog awards, but I appreciate them.  I only wish I had more experience with my paint program. I’d create my OWN awards for ALL my readers, something special like…

You’re Spiffier Than A Pair Of Novelty Socks With Ponies On Them Award.

Since I don’t have the YSTAPONSWPOTA badge available to my readers, and the title probably needs a smidge of editing, I suppose I’ll have to pass along these great awards instead! Feel free to snag a badge or three and thank you so much for stopping by!

The Creative Blogger Award

Thank you, Joleene Naylor, for the Creative Blogger Award.


Thank you,  Fun Simplicity for The Infinity Dreams Award and the VERY special Wonderful Friend Badge.wonderful-friend-e1444001533509 (1)

10 thoughts on “You’re Spiffier Than A Pair Of Novelty Socks With Ponies On Them Award.”

    1. Aww…Thank you! I don’t have a graphic with a pic of my socks on it, but I DO own socks with ponies on them, so I suppose you could have an award with a graphic. Or not. Or perhaps just wear socks, because it IS getting cooler outside. What were we talking about? Time for another round of Sudafed and hot (possibly expired) tea? Yes, please! Oh, and THANK YOU! 😉

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