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The Dead Tree Books Are Piling Up!

I’ve got a small mountain of books gathering on my table, not including the four books I gift wrapped at the store.


The Barnes & Noble bookstore near my job is closing, and while this is not my favorite bookstore, I’m a glutton for 1/2 priced, previously discounted books.  In fact, I would have bought MORE books, but the font was too small on the ones I decided to pass on.  If I can’t read the print without my glasses, the book is no use to me.  Bub-bye!

Lately, I’ve been purchasing  most of my fictional reads in e-form, although I still prefer dead tree format for non-fiction.  You can adjust the font in an e-reader, but they’re not as handy when you need a reference manual or a purse book.  Kindle does NOT like to ride in my purse with my drill, tools, and lipstick.  (Dead tree book doesn’t like it either, but dead trees are more durable under adverse handbag conditions.)

Based on the titles in my reading pile, it’s safe to say I’m going to continue to build a better me in 2016, no power tools required.  LOL


16 thoughts on “The Dead Tree Books Are Piling Up!”

  1. No tools other than your drill, I guess. Drill? I haven’t heard the phrase “dead tree books” before, though it’s really apt. I have a dead small forest, I guess. Especially when the Borders bookstore nearby closed. I have an e-reader; but, I don’t know, I like to hold the book. I agree with you about font, though. I also take a pass on small-print books. Probably one reason I don’t select paperbacks, either. Happy Better-You 2016! Thanks!

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    1. When I’m not dribbling words, I build furniture displays. Dressers, bookcases, TV stands… Yup! I get paid to build them. It’s not a bad gig, but I prefer to use my own tools. Plus, a woman who can BUILD? Quite a crowd pleaser. You’d think I was performing a magic show! LOL


      1. Performing magic? Funny. And a little sad. It’s not magic when women build things, after all. It’s talent and industry. And envy–I’d love to have more bookshelves and have no skill in making them. Lead on!

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    1. I’m on my THIRD e-reader. The medium has changed, but not the reading. 🙂 I love how BIG I can make the font, or the fact that I can change the way the words are lit up if I’m reading a night: black background with white letters instead of white background with black letters. I prefer sepia if I’m reading during the day, easier on my eyes. I highlight passages in my e-reader. I write notes… The e-reader’s an extension of my library, not a replacement.


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