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Wrapping Gifts: Part One

I stayed up late last night trying to get a jumpstart on the Christmas wrapping.


Cut paper.  Check!  Grab gift.  Where did the tape go?  There it is.  Now, where did the scissors go?  OMG!!!  I’m going to lose my mind.  Wait…did lose my mind?  Why do we do this every year?  Can we cancel Christmas next year?  Or maybe just wrap everything in trash bags.  Gifts are fine, but wrapping gifts takes FOREVER.  How did I forget that little fact?  Again! But, trash bags are okay, right?  If they’re new.  Grab next gift.  Lather, rinse, and repeat.

If I’m wrapping up gifts for kids, I wrap the gifts up in paper even if I’m planning on using gift bags, completely ruining the point of buying gift bags in the first place!  You’d think I’d learn to start this project earlier, but I’m usually doing this on Christmas Eve, so this IS much earlier than last year.

But…nephew gifts are wrapped and ready for Friday!

15 thoughts on “Wrapping Gifts: Part One”

  1. I love wrapping gifts. I wrapped until I was about to fall asleep Saturday, but I enjoyed it. Hubby said, “Why not just use gift bags?” I told him that took the fun away. I use gift bags for odd shaped things. If you don’t like gift wrapping, then you should totally just get gift bags, stick the gifts in there, and relax. 🙂 Christmas shouldn’t be stressful.

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    1. I always *think* I enjoy wrapping gifts, but then I discover I must be suffering from temporary amnesia. Again! Kind of like those women who’ve give birth a dozen times and swear the birthing process isn’t painful. It’s a coping mechanism. LOL


  2. I understand the stress to the point of relieving it. So trash bags sound great to me. I’m ahead on wrapping things; I guess that’s good, too. The season isn’t about stress. It’s about joy. I need reminding of that, as do many folk.

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    1. Yes! The season SHOULD be about joy…and what’s more joyful than a trash bag with a pretty red bow! No?? Hmmm… At least I’m not wrapping gifts on Christmas morning! Been there before, don’t recommend it. LOL


      1. Agreed! I think there’s a cottage industry in providing trash-bags/gift-bags for all the holidays. The great thing would be how easy to pick up afterward. Everything goes in the bag! I hope you have a relaxed Christmas time.

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