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Itchy Eve

I feel like I should probably write something about Christmas Eve, but I’m feeling itchy and sleepy, and I still have gifts to wrap!  Long story short, Hubby, Kiddo, and I all went to see the new Star Wars movie: The Force Awakens.  No spoilers, but this is my favorite movie from the Star Wars franchise!  Anyway, I think I accidentally consumed something with Red 40 in it.  It was either in something I ate at the movie theater or something I ate when we got fast food.  I swear they’re sneaking Red 40 into EVERYTHING, especially lately.  I’ve noticed it popping up in chocolate, baked goods, and even in pie crust dough.  And since Red 40 is my kryptonite, I started breaking out in itchy hives on car ride home.  I’ve already taken one Benadryl, but I’m probably going to need at least one more before this night is over.  It’s going to be an interesting night…if I can stay awake for it!  LOL

5 thoughts on “Itchy Eve”

    1. No spoilers, but beautiful cinematography. I could go on and on about the way this movie was filmed. Night and day difference from it’s predecessors, yet it’s still filmed like a Star Wars movie. They got it right!


      1. Thanks for your comment (without spoilers). I understand getting the director was a big deal, since he was going to put together another film instead. I hope to see the (Star Wars) film over the holidays.

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