Six Sentence Sunday

Happy New Year’s Edition of #SixSentenceSunday

A new year has started and I’m excited.  I think this will be the year that I FINALLY will be able to let my stories go off into the universe!  Six Sentence Sundays have been a great way to build my confidence up.  I don’t know why I’m self-conscious of my WIPs.  It’s just something I’ll have to get over.  This edition is from Chapter Two of the first book in The Williamson Vampires Series.


“I think you’re going to like Bobbi.  I saw her this morning and she is exactly how I remembered her.”

 “If she’s so great, why didn’t the two of you stay together?”  My question may have been pointed, but I felt it was valid.  She was his ex after all, which meant that he must have felt that he’d made an improvement by marrying Aunt Stephanie instead of my Aunt Roberta.  I didn’t know anything about love or romance, but it seemed reasonable to assume that the whole point of dating was to keep upgrading until you found a keeper.


 Wishing everyone success and happiness in the New Year!


24 thoughts on “Happy New Year’s Edition of #SixSentenceSunday”

  1. ‘…the whole point of dating was to keep upgrading until you found a keeper.’ What a wonderfully dim view of love your MC has! Great characterization in this sentence, alone.


  2. Happy New Year! I just want to catch up with y’all as soon as I can
    Oh Juli – first I adore your sense of humour – and second yes SSS does exactly that – the support is not to be believed. And if I can put my scribbles out there well yours must be seen Love it all


  3. Wonderful! Those six sentences definitely peak my curiosity about the rest of the story! And I agree with everyone else here — the last line is perfection.


    1. Chloe is just turning 16, so I have to try to look at the world the way she would see things. It can be a challenge, but it’s a lot of fun more often than not. Chloe has never been on a date or had a boyfriend. Her knowledge about relationships is mostly based on what she’s seen on TV or read in books. Poor Chloe! LOL


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