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First Book Club Selection: Underground Airlines by Ben H. Winters

Have I mentioned I’m in a book club? I am. We meet at my local library. Most of the selections are chosen by a librarian. Some are chosen by us! Anyway, our next selection is from The Neighborhood Library Association’s 8th Annual Community Reads: Underground Airlines by Ben H. Winters.

underground airlines

I know it’s not always easy to make time for Book Club meetings, what with busy schedules and all, so I thought it might be fun to bring a piece of my club to you! I wish I had thought of this idea sooner so those of you who wish to do so, can read along. However, I always wait until the very last possible moment to read a Book Club selection and I haven’t started this one yet. That gives us 15 days to get it together. PLENTY of time! LOL

I will be posting my First Book Club Post on Friday, September 2, 2017. I’d love for you all to you join my post with links or whatever. I think it will be a lot of fun!

Have a great day!

xo Juli


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