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Cracker Lunch

I had a good writing morning, 889 new words, although I did fall down the rabbit hole while “researching” strange lunch combinations, usually served on saltine crackers.

While I was writing, I remembered all the cracker lunches I ate as a very young child: peanut butter on crackers, tuna on crackers, canned meat on crackers, margarine on crackers, jelly on crackers… For some reason, we ate a variety of meat out of cans for lunch and I didn’t think this was odd until I grew older. Now, I don’t think I could eat corned beef from a can on a cracker. (It makes me shudder.) But when I was four or five…I thought this was delicious. And elegant.

Also, I played a bit with my existing pictures, turning them black and white, from their original color. (Not in CorelDraw! Not yet.)

Here are my pics:

Have a great day!

xo Juli

5 thoughts on “Cracker Lunch”

  1. Love the pics!!

    I also thought crackers were elegant as a kid and still tend to turn to them for party get togethers, only we’re too boring for anything but cheese, cheese spread, or sometimes ham. I always want to try the fancy Ritz recipes but no one else does.

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