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Underneath Those Twenties’ Fashions


I adore 1920’s fashion! Witness2Fashion is one of my favorite blogs to follow. If you’re interested in vintage fashion you really should check it out. She has the most comprehensive blog posts, perfect for anyone doing research. This post was especially interesting, due to all the links to other posts. So much fun!!!

Thank you so much for all you do, Witness2Fashion!
xo Juli


Fashions for May, 1924. Undergarments flattened the bust and hips and eliminated the waist. Delineator, May 1924, p. 27.

[This is another post in a series offering links to posts some followers may have missed, while I take time to visit the library and collect more photos.]

Some of the most exciting discoveries I made when I started reading old magazines from the 1920’s had to do with underwear. In addition to fashion advice about what to wear to achieve that “boyish” figure, I found dozens of advertisements — a veritable window into the past. In one article I read,

“To be smart this season one must be more than slim. The figure must defy nature and be as flat as the proverbial flounder, as straight as a lead pencil, and boneless and spineless as a string-bean. One must be straight like a boy and narrow like a lady…

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2 thoughts on “Underneath Those Twenties’ Fashions”

  1. “Like” your sharing history with us. Thank you! As for history itself–boyishness, pencil-like, and boneless? Sheesh! I can only imagine the pain it caused to dress not like oneself. Better for flapping, maybe.

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