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No Regrets

I went to orientation day at my kiddo’s high school. It seems like only yesterday I was taking him to his first day of daycare or putting him on the bus to kindergarten. WOW! Time flies.

Miss-Kopp-Just-Wont-QuitToday was one of those introspective days. The salvage yard still hasn’t collected my old van. My kiddo is growing up. I finished reading the ARC copy of Amy Stewart’s book: Miss Kopp Just Won’t Quit and that book has me feeling soooo many feels…to the point that I was telling my kiddo about it in the car and HE’S the one acting as the “grown-up” instead of me.

“Mom, isn’t this book based on actual people?”


“Well…then she [the author] had to write what happened.”

“I know, but I just feel like Constance Kopp was ahead of her time. And now I’m just sad…because the book’s over and I want to read the next book.”

“Really? The book you read hasn’t even come out yet and you’re complaining because you want more?”


And then I felt a little selfish because I did receive a rare gift by getting to read this book before the official release date, but still…I do want to know what happens next!

I binge-reread all three books that came before this one. I wanted the books to be fresh in my mind before I read the latest installment. However, the fourth book in the series is different from the previous books. It’s slightly bittersweet because life is bittersweet. Even though parts of this book made me sad, I’ve completely fallen for the Kopp sisters probably because I know their stories are based on historical events. These were REAL women who faced REAL issues. Meanwhile…I’m facing my own issues, which make the issues of these women—of 100-years-ago—far more relevant than they should. Crazy, but true!

Anyway…I will write reviews for the ENTIRE series when I’m feeling less emotional. For now, I leave you with a parting shot of a bench at my kiddo’s school:


It says:

Don’t regret something that once made you smile. ~Anonymous

I like that! So even though today was an emotional day, I regret NOTHING!

xo Juli

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