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Flash Fiction Entry #4: Long Drive Home

The fourth chance to qualify to compete in the October TUFFest Ride event during the 2018 Flash Fiction Rodeo at Carrot Ranch ended yesterday at midnight.

If you missed this free-write, you have one more chance to enter. You can enter more than once. Last qualifying free-writes will reveal secret prompt:

  • September 25, 2018 (12:00 am – 11:59 pm)

This is my FAVORITE entry…so far:

The carriage wheels clattered across the cobblestones. Faster! FASTER! The horses flew as if the devil himself nipped at their flanks. Cindy pressed her back against the plush velvet carriage seat. She was safe. For now. Her chest heaved as she tried to catch her breath. Far away, the orchestra played on—drum beats and violin strings soaring like bats through the night. She’d been quick, but not quick enough. She’d lost a shoe, a souvenir left behind, physical evidence of her hasty retreat. Stupid! She shouldn’t have been running in heels. A rookie mistake, to be sure.

“What’s your name?” the prince had asked, ogling the young lady as she curtseyed before him.

“Cind… Err—Ella. My name is Ella, How do you do?” Cindy blundered.

The prince had laughed at her, mistaking Cindy’s hesitation for fear. He was a brute of a man who enjoyed intimidating the plethora of young ladies presented to him—potential brides from neighboring kingdoms. (Pampered lambs led to the slaughter.)

The prince commanded Cindy to dance with him before he escorted her outside. He knew a secret place where no one else would find them—or hear them.

“You don’t recognize me. You slaughtered my family and stole my kingdom,” Cindy whispered.

“You stole my heart,” the prince answered.

And so, she had.

Somewhere outside the castle walls, a cathedral clock chimed midnight.

Time to go.

Time to run.

Cindy’s carriage passed the gate as the last bell chimed. She gently placed the prince’s warm heart inside a carved box and wiped the blood from her shaky hands. By morning, Cindy’s birthright would be restored. With the evil prince gone, the Six Kingdoms could finally enjoy peace.

Cindy kicked off her remaining shoe and settled back in her seat for the long drive home.

(297 Words Carrot Ranch 2018 Flash Fiction Rodeo)

xo Juli

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