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Flash Fiction: Ranch Romance

This was my LAST entry for the chance to qualify to compete in the October TUFFest Ride event during the 2018 Flash Fiction Rodeo at Carrot Ranch. The challenge ended yesterday at midnight.

Franat never dwelled on the past. He had people to do this for him. They talked about his career and networth in reverent tones. “Franat came all the way from Germany, can you believe it?” his devotees would say, while butchering the pronunciation of his name. The consonants and vowels appeared familiar to the eye, but felt strangled when spoken with an American accent.

Still, Franat remained humble and good-natured. He hadn’t asked for a life of fame. He’d simply wanted to retire quietly on his homestead, surrounded by fields, picturesque scenery, and appreciate the occasional affections of a beautiful fräulein. Perhaps that is why he’d been so delighted to meet Joy. It may not have been love at first sight, but there’d been plenty of lust.

Of course, Joy had noticed Franat’s good looks and muscled build. If tall, dark, and handsome was the cliché, then Franat must have been its founding father.

Joy wasn’t a classic beauty herselfalthough Franat was crazy about her. Joy’s legs were a smidge too short, her belly a bit too round. But Joy had lovely brown eyes and personality in spades. When Franat got a good look at Joy’s lily-white backside, chestnut spots sprinkled across her rump like confetti, he knew he wanted more.

But although the attraction was there, nothing serious ever came of their little “ranch romance.” Besides vicious rumors. “Joy is just a tease, forget about her. You’re from two different worlds. There’s no future with a gal like her.”

Maybe this was true. Maybe the rumor mongers were right. After all, Joy was an Appaloosa school horse, committed to babysitting clumsy children, trotting in endless circles. While Franat was a Warmblood stallion, destined to sire champions. Their infatuation wasn’t enough. They were star-crossed from the start.

(297 Words Carrot Ranch 2018 Flash Fiction Rodeo)

xo Juli

P.S.  This entry post was loosely inspired by the barn where I took riding lessons, Hartland Equestrian Center, back when I was a teenager. Franat was a real horse, a Holsteiner. He was GORGEOUS, with the kindest temperament I’ve ever seen in a stallion. His bloodline, the F bloodline, goes back 200 years to all six foundation stallion bloodlines of the Holsteiner breed. So…basicaly, he was a horsey rockstar. Of course, I NEVER rode him! But I occasionally fed him carrots and apples after lessons. He was a sweet boy.

Joy was also a real horse, an Appaloosa. I did get to ride her. I was one of the “clumsy children” she put up with!

Not to stir up any rumors, but “allegedly,” Franat DID have a thing for spotted Appaloosa backsides. What can I say? Joy was a little cutie. Franat was a magnificent stallion. They lived at the same barn…but alas, their “romance” was not meant to be. LOL

Here is a pic of Franat’s son, Future:


There’s a strong family resemblance between Franat and Future. I knew Future’s mother, DELTA. She was also a GORGEOUS sweetheart.

Thank you, Hartland Equestrian Center, for inspiring this post and for the amazing memories. I learned SOOO much from Mrs. Peterson, not just about horseback riding, but about life.

*Click the link to learn more about The Peterson Warmbloods along with Franat and his kin at the Hartland Equestrian Center in Highland, Michigan.

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