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N is for Normal #atozchallenge

A Procrastinator's Guide From A to Z “Nobody realizes that some people expend tremendous energy merely to be normal.” ― Albert Camus N is for Normal. When I picked my topic for the A to Z Challenge, I wanted a topic that I understood. Intimately.  I wanted to help other procrastinators know that they are NOT… Continue reading N is for Normal #atozchallenge

Life, Truths

These are truths that I’m struggling with:

This isn’t the post I planned on writing, but I had some thoughts that I needed to get out before I could get other things written/accomplished today. 1.  You can’t control other people.  Period.  I can’t.  You can’t.  Your neighbor next door can’t.  Your boss can’t.  Your spouse can’t.  Your parents can’t.  Fill in the… Continue reading These are truths that I’m struggling with: