Random Ramblings

Changing our Family’s Story

Do you see that tiny "dot" out on the water? How about now? That's my cousin, brother-in-law, younger cousins, nephew, other cousins friends, and my teenage child...all out tubing on my cousin's boat. Why does that matter? Because I realized tonight that my sister and I changed our family's story. We are NOT our mother. We… Continue reading Changing our Family’s Story

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Planting and Planning for the Future

Hollyhocks are biennial, which means I had to plant these beauties in the spring of LAST year so I could enjoy them THIS summer. Last year—all summer long—I cared for my sad, scrubby little plants. They looked more like weeds than anything else. I had no idea what color flowers I'd get, or if they'd… Continue reading Planting and Planning for the Future

Random Ramblings

Why do I self destruct?

I watched this video this morning and I was sobbing, literally crying on my keyboard.  I actually had to stop this video, have a good cry, then finish watching the video. I then wrote this post and sobbed some more. This video may as well have been written for me, it rang THAT true. (This is NOT one… Continue reading Why do I self destruct?