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Third From the Top

In response to The Daily Post's writing prompt: "Third From the Top." Today's post is inspired by a prompt.  The third sentence from the third post in my reader came from blog Eleventh Stack.  Their original post was titled Little Golden Memories.  " My first memory of having a favorite author whose name and work I knew… Continue reading Third From the Top

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Female Protagonists: A Reading Rant

I think it’s admirable when a male writer tries to write a strong, female protagonist.  In my reading experience, men don’t usually write a female character as the main character in their stories.  I see a lot more women do this than men.That said, I had a buddy of mine once tell me that he… Continue reading Female Protagonists: A Reading Rant

Saturday Shmaturday

Saturday Shmaturday Links: Week Ending 2-2-13

It's amazing what you'll find when you're supposed to be working on other things!  🙂 I ran into a bumper crop of of interesting links this week; so rather than sharing them in drips and drabs, I gathered them up together for your reading perusal.  How to add new tabs to your Facebook page. So… Continue reading Saturday Shmaturday Links: Week Ending 2-2-13