“Little Juli” Has Her Own Wisdom to Share…

I’ve been doing a lot of soul-searching, especially towards the end of this past year.  I am NOT the same person I was in my thirties, or in my twenties, or in my teens.  I have bean gleaning wisdom from the little child I once was, the little girl who liked to play with dolls, who dreamed of doing amazing things one day, who imagined that ANYTHING was possible.  That little girl believed that everything you could ever want to learn about could be found in a book.  You didn’t have to imagine things from scratch.  You could build on the information that was already there!

Back in the day, Little Juli thought the library was the most important and magical place on the planet.  (Still do.)  Sooooo many books.  Soooooo many subjects.  It was all there, the WHOLE WORLD!  All I had to do, is get on my bicycle, do a lot of peddling, and this world was mine for the borrowing.  For a young girl who hadn’t had much experience with travel or adventures, my small town library was a sanctuary.  It was my safe place.  The adults in that place treated me with respect.  If I saw another kid in there, they didn’t look down on my for being a nerd-girl.  I was reading books in the adult sections of the library: Mysteries, Science Fiction, and Fantasy.  Sure, I still read books by authors like Beverly Cleary.  But unlike the other little girls my age, I read MORE than just the Ramona Quimby books.  I read everything my library had available by this author.  I read “Fifteen” and “Sister of the Bride.”  I read one of her memoirs.  (Although now, I can’t remember which one.)

When you haven’t had enough life experience, anything and everything seem possible.

And then…adulthood sets in.  I wanted my first car.  I barely made it out of highschool and it’s time for college.  There’s dating.  Marriage.  Career.  House. Pets.  Family.  (Not necessarily in that particular order, but all important stuff.)

I’m not saying I have regrets.  I LOVE my life.  I LOVE my hubby and kiddo.  They are AMAZING.  I just wish that I’d stopped more along the journey, that I’d paid more attention.  The last 20-30 years slipped by like a blur.  I was so busy and yet…I don’t feel like I have enough to show for it.  Most of my “busy” had been wasted on unimportant things:  work, cleaning, and the day to day drudgeries we all experience.  I don’t think I consciously took enough time building memories with my family.  I was floating through life.  The best parts of my childhood were mostly forgotten.

So here I am, in my middle-years thinking, Is it too late to take up new skills?  Am I too old to try new things?  If not now, then when???  Little Juli was hopeful, yet afraid.  I am no longer that child.  Mature Juli is confident, yet pessimistic.  Mature Juli has resources available to her of the variety Little Juli could only fantasize about.  The Internet?!  That’s like something straight out of Science Fiction!!!

I think if I could just tap into Little Juli’s spirit and combine that with Mature Juli’s wisdom and experience…the next few years could be really, REALLY interesting.  And FUN!!!

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Happy Birthday, Kiddo!

It seems so impossible to think that my hubby and I are parents.  Parents of a teenager! Wow!!!  It’s been a wild and amazing journey.  Kiddo was born in the middle of a snow storm.  When the snow began to fall today, and our faces felt like they might freeze and fall off, it brought me right back to that day, to that place, to that brief moment in time.

We celebrated kiddo’s birthday week with an outing on Tuesday—laser tag and go carts. Kiddo and I went shopping for bigger school shoes on Wednesday and rewarded ourselves with Chinese buffet afterward.  And today, we went to a matinee showing of “Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them.” (Great movie!!!)

I had thought I’d get more done today.  Unimportant stuff.  There’s a selfish part of me that was tempted to make excuses, to mix up my priorities.  A part of me didn’t want to go out in the cold.  A part of me was tempted to stay home.  A part of me whined, we can have just as much fun staying home, staying inside, being hermits.  We can do something else today.  Kiddo will understand.  I am SO glad that I refused to listen to that selfish inner voice.  We had a great time together.  We made the most of the winter break from school.  When we got home, I made us dinner and homemade birthday cake.  Best of all, Kiddo said he had a great day.  (And I had a great day, too!)


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Crossing Over

My Christmas decorations are DOWN.  I feel like an adult.  Old decorations are down, other knick-knacks go up tomorrow, and it’s only the fourth of January.  Woo hoo!

I’ve been trying to switch out my knick-knacks once a month.  At this point in my life, I’ve collected a LOT of cute and interesting things, but a friend of mine taught me the importance of only keeping some of them out at any given time.  It works out well: less decorations to dust, easier to maintain, and I enjoy my decorations more because they always seem fresh and new even when they’re not.

So tomorrow, my home is crossing over from Christmas into winter decor, with heavy emphasis on kiddo related objects.  (January is the kiddo’s birthday month.  YAY!)  I actually look forward to these changes.  Sure, it’s kind of a pain to tuck the old stuff away, but I love seeing my packed away treasures on my shelves again.  🙂

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