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Documentary Review: The True Cost

I discovered the documentary movie, The True Cost, through a YouTuber: Luke Meagher of HauteLeMode. (Seriously, you never know what "rabbit holes" you'll fall down into while researching information about characters in your story.) Right now, The True Cost is on Netflix. You can also rent this documentary through Amazon or download it through the… Continue reading Documentary Review: The True Cost

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Three Dollar Double Monitor Setup

Hubby surprised me with a SECOND monitor for my workstation this weekend. It's a used monitor, but it only cost him around THREE dollars. Love that!! (He already had an extra/used video card hanging around to make it work with my computer.) Have I mentioned how much my hubby and I love thrifting and sifting… Continue reading Three Dollar Double Monitor Setup


Writing 101: I Write Because…

I write because the world is messy, and funny, and ironic.  When I look at the world around me, I see oddball details, details I feel compelled to show others. I see a story in the woman standing in front of me in the check-out line.  She isn't just some lady with too much lipstick… Continue reading Writing 101: I Write Because…