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Three Dollar Double Monitor Setup

Hubby surprised me with a SECOND monitor for my workstation this weekend. It’s a used monitor, but it only cost him around THREE dollars. Love that!! (He already had an extra/used video card hanging around to make it work with my computer.) Have I mentioned how much my hubby and I love thrifting and sifting through dusty old things? You never know what you’ll find!


I’m super-excited about this. I can have my writing on one monitor and research or whatever on the other.  Or…I can play Queer Eye on Netflix while I surf social media. LOL  (I am OBSESSED with the “Fab Five.” Season Two, Episode One should come with a box of Kleenex. SOOOO many feelings! Love it!!!!)

Having a second monitor feels so decadent and it’s an idea we’ve been kicking around for a while. We just needed a decent monitor in our price range. Hubby and I rarely buy anything new. We live in a modest home. My car is 18-years-old. But over the years, I’ve learned it isn’t always about the COST of an item, especially when you live on a tight budget like we do. (Like most people do!) Rather than dream of what I would do if I won the lottery, I’ve learned to ask myself: What would it take to make me FEEL as if I were wealthy? This is a tricky question. At first, you might think of all kinds of crazy and wild ideas, of all the stuff you’d want. But “stuff” doesn’t usually make me happy, at least not in the long-term. You got to dig a little deeper.

For example, something that makes me FEEL as if I were wealthy…is always having clean socks and underwear in my drawer. This doesn’t mean I need a ridiculous amount of underthings—or expensive ones—but there’s nothing worse than wearing a raggedy pair of underpants. Same thing with t-shirts. Stained t-shirts make me feel bad about my appearance. I’d rather own fewer items that FIT and are in good repair rather than have an entire closet bursting with clothing.

Homemade meals, prepared with love…feel decadent. They make me feel wealthy. Fast food…doesn’t do that for me. Last year, I was able to pick FRESH tomatoes, ten feet away from my front door. It doesn’t get much more decadent than that. Delicious!!!

What makes you feel decadent, but doesn’t cost much?  I’d love to hear your thoughts below!

xo Juli


2 thoughts on “Three Dollar Double Monitor Setup”

  1. I had to think a bit on this one but a couple of things come to mind – wearing a completely color coordinated outfit from the inside out, down to the shoes and jewelry. The other is when I can afford do something charitable, be it donate money to a cause or buy a hungry person a sandwich. Either one of those and I feel happy and wealthy….abundant and full of life.

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