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Writing: Hitting My Marks

I have tried many ways to outline over the years. But last night I stayed up to finish a chapter I've been working on, and for the first time in a LONG time, I felt really good about my writing. I was excited. When I sat down with my outline, I loosely followed Blake Snyder's Save… Continue reading Writing: Hitting My Marks

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Indie Author Book Expo


My writer friend, Joleene Naylor, was on an author panel this past weekend! I’m so happy for her!!!!!! Check out her site in case you missed it. 😀

xo Juli

Amaranthine by Joleene Naylor

Last weekend I attended the IABE in Des Moines at the Valley West Mall and had a great time, so I thought I’d share some photos for those who couldn’t make it!

I was super lucky and Amy came to help me with my table Saturday!


What table you ask? This table!

Speaking of Amy, she talked me into vamping it up and thanks to her I got a lot of compliments!


We had a lot of people stop in, including the awesome Kay! It was so exciting to meet her!

She wasn’t the only one in town. I also met Sharon, who I used to be in several online groups with, and Amy and I ran into Jonathan!


Heh-heh. A little zombie humor because, you know, he’s a zombie, and that’s a zombie… *cough* Moving on, here’s the random views from my table on day one:

We did discover…

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Hiding Information with the ‘Pope in the Pool’


I HATE reading boring exposition. I know it’s sometimes necessary. But come on! Do I REALLY want to read four hideously LONG pages of the “rules” of your story’s special snowflake universe? Umm…no.

Anyway, I’ve been playing with my storyboard this afternoon, trying to figure out how to NOT be THAT writer when I had a funny conversation with my kiddo. I think I will “borrow” this conversation and slip it into my work in progress. I needed a “Pope in the Pool” moment, a funny way to hide a bit of exposition.

What’s “Pope in the pool?” Check out Jo-Ann Carson‘s post to find out more. I think she did an excellent job of explaining one way to hide exposition in your novel.

Thank you, Jo-Ann Carson, for your insightful information!

xo Juli

Jo-Ann Carson

Today I’m talking craft. It’s a how to-hide information post<g>.


Deep in revision mode, I realize that my main problem with pacing is due to poorly constructed info-dumps. Wanting the reader to understand my characters I give them too much information in the beginning. I’m learning that:

  • Some background information doesn’t need to be said, and
  • the stuff that does… must be said in an interesting way

Which brings me to the Pope…

The Pope in the Pool

The second “immutable law of screenplay physics” according to Blake Snyder is a technique he calls, “The Pope in the Pool,” and it deals with this problem.

“…the Pope in the Pool gives us something to look at that takes the sting out of telling us what we need to know.  And does so in a lively and entertaining way.” (Blake Snyder, Save the Cat, p. 125)

It sounds too…

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