Death, It's Another Vacation!

A Celebration of Life. These Photos were taken on 6-11-2011.

Staycation #1 of 2011 has been busy! 

These photos were taken on Saturday, during a memorial picnic for my friend’s husband who passed away a few months back.  Despite the circumstances, I think everyone had a really nice time.  Good food, good music, the laughter of children, stories of his life, I think this is what he would have wanted.

Guest of Honor

 At the memorial service of my friend’s husband.  The sun peaked out while I was trying to capture this picture, giving her husband’s things a “halo effect”.

Putting my friend's husband's ashes to rest.
An iris near the water's edge.

Random Photos taken at the picnic.  It kept looking like it might rain, but it didn’t. 

Feather near the water.
Pink Peony
White Peony
Yellow Flowers
Pink Flowers
The Lake

 In rememberance of a man who loved family and friends, motorcycles, fishing, and nature.



2 thoughts on “A Celebration of Life. These Photos were taken on 6-11-2011.”

  1. Thanks Jo! I told my hubby, If I go before he does, that’s what I would want, a big party where all my friends and family could celebrate the life that I lived. I don’t want a traditional funeral. He agreed. He wants the same thing. One of my sisters said that she’d also rather have that than a traditional funeral. I guess my friend has started a trend!


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