Ten Minute Tuesdays

Ten Minute Tuesdays: Editing Around the Yard

I started to weed around my front flowerbeds this morning, but with my pale complexion, I could only stay out there for about ten minutes without the risk of becoming “Lobster Girl”.  With all the rain we’ve been having, my yard has become a jungle, but a lot can be done in a little bit… Continue reading Ten Minute Tuesdays: Editing Around the Yard

Vampire Facts

Vampire Facts

Since vampires are FICTIONAL characters, a writer does have certain liberties with the parameters they set for these characters.  That said, I’m NOT a member of the “School for Fluffy Vampires.”  No matter what else they may be, they’re still vampires.  They are not cuddly bunnies.  Not everyone will agree with the list I’ve created,… Continue reading Vampire Facts

Random Ramblings

Writing Season

The weather cooperated enough with my schedule so I could get in some outdoor time.  I did a little weeding, but I have a lot more yard work to do.    Writing, gardening, organizing, they all have the same thing in common.  Sure you can go in there, work for hours and hours, and you’ll see a… Continue reading Writing Season