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Stay-cation #1 of 2011 updates

The last day of my stay-cation was 6-19-11, so this post is a little late.  I had such a great time during the week that I was off.  I wrote three more chapters of my WIP, saw two movies, worked on the front brakes of my car, saw my grandmother, went out to dinner with my great-uncle and family, went on a date with my hubby, went to a local fair with my kiddo, watched fireworks, picked strawberries, and attended a friend’s husband’s memorial picnic.  I’m glad I kept my plans open.  The weather here in Michigan doesn’t always  cooperate, so I’ve learned to be flexible.

Here are some random pictures from last week:

Shark tank at the fair.
Ferris Wheel
Ferris Wheel (I don't like to ride the Ferris Wheel...I just think they're pretty.)
Tortoise (He looks ready to charge! LOL)

 I’m back to working the job that pays the bills and gives me the perks of having paid vacation time, but I’d like to thank everyone who helped out.  I really needed this time off to recharge.  🙂


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