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I Found A Stolen Book This Morning

So…I found a “new to me site” yesterday called Wattpad.  I was excited.  One of my favorite authors, Claire Farrell, is on it.  She posted up some of her short stories, etc.  I thought, “This is a GREAT site!”  Writers can post their stories, or a chapter or two from a story they’ve published.  It’s one more way to interact with readers and promote their books.

 Twenty-four hours later, I’m checking out their site, seeing who else is on, and I accidentally find another favorite author of mine, Molly Harper, except it’s NOT Molly Harper.  Her book had been pirated.  All I can say is that I read…A LOT.  I recognized her story right away.  I immediately reported the stolen book to Wattpad, and messaged Molly.  She messaged me back, and hopefully, something can be resolved.

 Am I upset with Wattpad?  Not yet.  They can’t possibly know the second a pirated book has been posted.  There are millions of books out there in the universe.  If they don’t take the book down, I’d have issues with them.  Until then, we’ll see what happens.

 I think there’s a HUGE lesson to be learned here.  Writers (and readers) need to help writers.  These sites can’t do the job of policing themselves on their own.  If I spot a book I KNOW is stolen, and do nothing about it, I just became part of the problem.  I read a LOT of vampire fiction.  I was able to confirm it was Molly’s book after the first two paragraphs.  I was angry for her, as I know the amount of time that’s involved in writing a story.

 Will I stay on Wattpad?  I think so.  I like the concept of it.  There are a LOT of teenagers on there, so I feel a little old, but having another networking platform isn’t a terrible thing.  I would also say that it wouldn’t hurt to have an account with them if you are a writer, even if it’s just to police the site.  You know your own work better than anyone else.  You can’t police EVERY blog, Facebook page, website, or tweet, but you can’t avoid these places either.

3 thoughts on “I Found A Stolen Book This Morning”

  1. Grr…I found more stolen books, reported them, and contacted their authors. How did I become the pirate police? I can’t stand a thief!!! I’m still not convinced that this is a bad site. It was one person who stole all of the books I found. I just don’t understond why no one else reported them. Some of these books have been up for MONTHS and had over 500 reads!

    I’m proud to say, I didn’t read ANY of them beyond the first page, and that was only to confirm who the REAL author was! Writers protect writers!!! Grrrr!!!!!


  2. I have a wattpad account, but I admit I haven;t done anything with it :p it;s on my someday list 😉

    I think you find stolen books no matter where yo go, just like you can find illegal music or movie downloads everywhere. Many countries have no and/or loose copyright laws (Finland and China, for instance) and then there are just people that will copy stuff and hand it out no matter where they’re from, so I don’t usually judge any kind of site by that unless it is 50% or more stolen material.


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