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My Computer Is Down

My computer is down this morning!  Grr!!!!  I tried to fix it, wanted to throw it, and that’s when I gave it to the hubby to look at.  We think it has a bug.  Lucky I saved all my stuff before everything went REALLY wrong.

I’m on the hubby’s desktop this morning.  Hopefully we’ll get my laptop working soon.

I was on the phone last night with my mother’s mom, my last living grandparent.  I don’t think I’ve ever asked her so many detailed questions about her family before.  I figured, If I don’t ask these questions soon, one day she may not be around to ask.  She’s 88 years young.  Lots of fun stories.  I can’t wait to get my own computer back to share them.  I didn’t know much about my Irish ancestors, the Grady side of the family.  Her mother, my great-grandmother, had a falling out with my great-great-grandparents when she married my Great-Grandpa Calley.  Now I’ve got some names, dates, and towns to work with.  I can’t wait to be able to look this stuff up.  There’s so much information out there.  Of course, that’s probably how I got the bug in the first place.  Me and my inquisitive mind!!!

Have a great day!


2 thoughts on “My Computer Is Down”

  1. It’s working, but I think something got screwed up and Windows has now been installed twice on my computer, and that’s eating up the memory. If it’s not one #!%@ thing, it’s another! Hubby wants another go at my computer, but I won’t let him touch it again until I finish the notes I have on a beta read. I wanted it sent out last week, but the universe had other plans. #!@% universe!!!! I feel like I’m doing the whole always a bridesmaid, never a bride…but with books. Everyone around me is writing these amazing, fabulous stories, including you, and I’m writing my own stuff in drips and drabs. One day soon, my characters may have to get together and revolt against me, maybe find another author who will spend more time with them and stop tinkering with their lives.

    I keep reading everyone elses stuff, and I feel like a little kid. “WOW. That’s so cool!” The fight scenes, the violence, I love reading it, but most of my stuff is pretty tame by comparison. Sometimes I worry that I’m not pushing myself hard enough as a writer, that I’m copping out by not making my story…bloodier. My vampires are pretty snarky, but is that enough? I don’t know. I have a teenager as one of my main characters, so I know that affects the parameters of my writing. I know I’ve held back some on the sex and violence because of it. The majority of my characters are adults, and then some, but having a teenager thrown in the mix was a lot of fun. She wasn’t supposed to have as big a role in the begining, but she was so much fun to write. Ah well! I didn’t take up writing to become famous, so it all should work out just fine. 😉 If I sell three books, I’ll be a happy camper.

    Back to the computer bit, at least I’m pretty good at remembering to save my pictures, writing, etc. often. Oh, but get this, I found out my kiddo had used my portable hard drive as a coaster! A coaster!!!!!! A COASTER!!!! Lucky for him, he was already in bed and asleep. Hard drive is fine. I need to remember NOT to leave it sitting on my coffee table in the future. A coaster? Geesh!!!! I didn’t he even knew what one was. He didn’t learn about coasters from me! LOL


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