Michigan, Random Photos

Happy Halloween!

Our family has been Holloweening it up this weekend!  The kiddo had two Halloween parties at the end of last week, and then we went to my sister's house tonight for dinner and trick-or-treating with her family.  Lots of fun!  Loads of candy!  Lots of gravity?  Three out of seven in our group tripped over uneven… Continue reading Happy Halloween!

Random Photos

When Memorabilia Goes Too Far

My hubby took these photos while he was in Best Buy.  He knew I'd appreciate them.  Take a deep breath before you look at today's pictures.     WTF!!!!!  So a bunch of people are sitting around a boardroom and they say, "I think the world could REALLY use a curling iron that sparkles." "Oh… Continue reading When Memorabilia Goes Too Far

Photos of Hell

A Final Look at Hell, October 2011

Here are the last of the photos from Hell, Michigan.  It's the tiniest town ever.  If you blink, you could miss it!  Despite the name, it's a beautiful and peaceful area.  Lots of woods, trees, and critters.  The hubby and I really enjoyed our Monday's day trip in Hell.  We'd gladly go back any time.  ;)… Continue reading A Final Look at Hell, October 2011