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Fun Links I’d Like To Share

I don’t usually do the “linky” thing on WordPress.  I usually share links on Facebook, but I’ve got so many of them, I’m making an exception.  Enjoy!

Here’s a link for anyone who’s thinking of doing NaNoWriMo this November. 

Scribendi has an interesting Podcast.

I’m just going by my first and last name, Juli Hoffman, if you want to be NaNo buddies with me.  😉

Speaking of writing, I found this post on Nothing to Read Hereboth terrifying and fascinating.

How to Write 540 Novels

If you like photos, Joleene Naylor has been posting some great ones on her Ramblings Form the Darkness site.

Photos-Foggy August Morning, Photos-Another Foggy Morning, Photos-Foggy Morning 2, and Photos-Foggy Morning 3

Here’s a pair of fun ones from The Bloggess.

And that’s why you should learn to pick your battles, Would you like to buy a monkey?

Here’s a fun flash fiction piece just in time for Halloween by none other than Will Wheaton.  Yes, the same guy from Star Trek.  🙂

The Monster In My Closet

There may have been more, but my computer’s acting up again.  Blah!

Have a great day everyone!


3 thoughts on “Fun Links I’d Like To Share”

  1. I joined up as pandora_6666 (i can’t find how to add people – holy crap it’s gotten to be a complicated site! and FYI after six years they delete your old account, LOL!)

    Ha! well, I ma never going to churn out that many. i could do that for exactly 1 and 1/2 months before i revolt and decide I am being suffocated. 😉

    Wow, that there joleene finally got some decent cobweb/water photos. She’s only been mucking around with is since 2008 or so. LMAO!!! (thanks for the link!! 😀 )

    I’d read the chicken one before (weirdly!) but the monkey was new – and awesome! hahahaha! That is the kind of monkey nightmares are made of!

    loved the ending to the story. Didn’t see it coming. Got a kick out of them not being able to open the door from the inside, LMAO!!


  2. NaNo’s STILL not letting people add their buddies! WTF? What are they waiting for, November 35th? *Yes, I am aware that there aren’t THAT many days in November, but it might FEEL like there is when NaNo’s complete. 😉

    I won’t be churning out that many books in my LIFETIME, so no worries over me trying to break his record.

    Since I didn’t know you in 2008, you could probably just slap those pics out there again so I could go “Oooohhh…Ahhh!!!!” He! He! Your welcome!!

    I think I’m the one who sent you the chicken one, but it’s my wedding anniversary week. Eleven years? Hmm…Metal chicken has been done, he might be getting a flying pig. Shhh…It’s a secret! LOL I had to do the monkey follow up! That might be the card I give to go with!

    I’m just excited that Wil Wheaton writes. Who knew?! His blog is REALLY funny. I used to watch him on Star Trek! I had his collector’s card from the Cheerios box for years! I wanted Brent Spiner’s but I kept getting Wil Wheaton’s. 🙂


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