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When Memorabilia Goes Too Far

My hubby took these photos while he was in Best Buy.  He knew I’d appreciate them.  Take a deep breath before you look at today’s pictures.


Twilight Hair Care Products


WTF!!!!!  So a bunch of people are sitting around a boardroom and they say,

“I think the world could REALLY use a curling iron that sparkles.”

“Oh sure, sure…everyone  LOVES stuff that sparkles.  Sparkling vampires, sparkling lip gloss, wouldn’t it be super if women could have a molten rod of sparkling metal to curl their hair with?  Wouldn’t THAT be fantastic!”


Bella's Favorite Curling Iron. *It Sparkles! 😉


Then later, the buyers of Best Buy say,

“We have GOT to get pallets and pallets of these!  Sure people come in to purchase electronics and TVs, but when they see these sparkling hair care products, they won’t think of us as just your ‘father’s electronics store.’  Oh no!  We are going to be so hip!  So cool!  And since the majority of our shoppers are men, what better hair care products could we offer?  They will be lined up outside our door to purchase a flat screen TV and Edward’s waving iron.”



Edward's Waving Iron *It sparkles. You can turn in your Man Card boys, when you get your receipt.
Seriously?  Seriously!  I’m not a huge fan of the whole sparkling thing, but after seeing this display, I declare that Twilight memorabilia is the scariest vampire memorabilia EVER!!!!  Run!  Run far away!!!

8 thoughts on “When Memorabilia Goes Too Far”

  1. OMFG!!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!! There are no words to describe this! If I ever sell out this bad please drive to where ever I am living and shoot me through the head.

    Can;t you just picture a Jo rick curling iron?



    1. OMG! I want a Jorick curling iron!!!! LMAO!!!!!

      I mean seriously? WTF were they thinking? Maybe we should all cash in on this! Katelina could have her own luggage collection! Oren could have have a designer line of coffins. OMG!!!!!!

      When my hubby took these pictures, I couldn’t stop laughing!


    1. OMG! So true! I’d be happier that I have a son, except there’s styling products for men thrown in there as well.

      Can’t you just picture it? Ava have her own counting game! Becca could have her own denture cream. Peter could have his very own Ginsu knife set! It slices! It dices! Look what it can do to a tomato…or a demon!!! LMAO!!!!!!!


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