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Happy Halloween!

Our family has been Holloweening it up this weekend!  The kiddo had two Halloween parties at the end of last week, and then we went to my sister’s house tonight for dinner and trick-or-treating with her family.  Lots of fun!  Loads of candy!  Lots of gravity?  Three out of seven in our group tripped over uneven sidewalks.  It’s safe to say that clutzes run in the family, myself included.  (Yup, I was one of the fallen!  Nothing hurt but my ego.  Gesssh!!!!!)

Candy for the kids. My sister uses the "honor system" while we take the kids out trick-or-treating. She doesn't get a lot of kids at her house, so this seems to work out OK.
Halloween display at my sister's house.
There's a double set of train tracks the run behind her house. She seen lots of wildlife and deer. Two days ago, she saw a coyote running along these tracks.
Creepy trees at my sister's house.
Out trick-or-treating.
Random Halloween Display
Random Halloween Display
Random Halloween Display with Spooky Guy in Costume
My favorite costume of the evening! Creepy clown guy on stilts, taking his kids out trick-or-treating.
Hope everyone had a fun and safe Halloween!

2 thoughts on “Happy Halloween!”

  1. Oh awesome! Love the random halloween display and the creepy clown! 😀

    i ended up sick all night so we did nothing 😦 I am hoping to squeeze Halloween events in randomly this week though 😉

    creepy trees are cool too, btw :p


    1. SAD! Halloween is one of my favorite holidays. So sorry you weren’t well. 😦

      I wish creepy clown lookes as good in my photo as he did in real life, though my opinion of clowns is completely biased. I think ALL clowns are creepy!!! I blame Stephen King’s IT. I won’t read the book on this one, the movie still creeps me out. Hubby keeps telling me that the book is better, and I keep telling him, “Does it still have the clown in it?” and he’s says, “Well…yeah.” So then I tell him, “Then it’s NOT better!”

      A couple of years ago, we took our kiddo to a restaurant that was having a kid’s night. There was a clown there. No joke, her name was Sparkles, and I swear she looked like a stripper! My family knows how much I hate clowns, so my son pointed out that “Sparkles isn’t scary.” I told him that there are LOTS of different kinds of scary. All the father’s seemed to get a kick out of Sparkle’s…umm accessories 😉 but that only PROVES that ALL clowns are creepy!


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