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Random family photos-We’re not Amish

So it’s officially official, no more barns, sheds, lean-tos, etc. will be built this year.  We need to make it to at least spring, so we can all forget how much we hate love building.  We can work on the new deck my dad is planning… next year! Sigh!  🙂  Here are some family building photos.  Feel free to grab a glass of lemonade and enjoy watching us work!  😉

The boxes were too heavy for us to carry, so we had to take them around back in pieces.
That's a lot of pieces!
There's the shed's floor.
My hubby took this photo of my youngest sister, myself, and my dad.
My baby sis, building a door.

Hopefully, this will give my dad some MUCH needed storage.

As a random side rant, one of the local radio stations started playing 24/7 Christmas carols yesterday and I saw Christmas lights on a house.   SERIOUSLY?  When did the first of November mean the start of the Christmas?  NO!  No!  NO!  Halloween was Monday.  It’s three weeks until Thanksgiving.  Who’s sitting around their living room listening to Christmas Carols?  Geez!!!


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