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Photos-My Aunt’s Victorian Farmhouse

Yesterday, I posted about my Grandmanor and her love of all things Victorian.  Today I wanted to share pictures of my aunt’s home. 

This is the second time my aunt has restored a Victorian house.  Her previous home was in the city, while her current home is an old farmhouse complete with barns.  While my hubby and I love to drive around and drool over these beautiful buildings, unless we come into some good money, I don’t see ourselves ever being able to afford to live in one of these beauties.


My aunt's house. She loves Victorian things. 🙂 That's a real dog "chilling" in the chair.
My aunt painted this on her living room ceiling.



Detail of ceiling. My aunt painted this herself. My cousin is responsible for those screws in middle of her artwork. Yeah...don't ask!
At my aunt's house. Victorian looking bathroom with all the modern plumbing.
Another pic of the bathroom. My aunt painted the *cabbage roses on the wall.
Bathroom door and doors to linen closet. *cabbage roses
Fun stuff to look at!  My aunt is so creative.  Her home has plenty of “eye candy.” 

2 thoughts on “Photos-My Aunt’s Victorian Farmhouse”

  1. oh that is beautiful! love the roses and the living room! I always wanted a victorian style house, then I married the wrong man for that 😉 was in an antique store with my dad once looking at this beautiful spindly victorian furniture and Dad says “can you image Chucky on that couch” and I could – for two second as he plopped on it and the little legs gave way. *sigh*. oh well, we’re going Japanese instead 😉 (got rid of our couch, though we have a loveseat for occasional use, and sit on the floor, LOL!)


    1. My hubby’s a big guy. We have to combine old stuff with new or we’d be in the same boat! Poor little Victorian legs! LOL Our chairs, and sofa are big and oversized, but my accessory pieces are vintage.

      My hubby is just as bad, if not worse, when it comes to finding these pieces and we don’t usually pay very much for them. Free, is my favorite price to pay. LOL Our bed is our most expensive piece of vintage furniture. It’s Eastlake style, late 1800’s or very early 1900’s. The headboard has some simple carving on it. We only paid $80 for it because of it’s size. We were able to “force” a full size Serta mattress to fit into it, but most people want at LEAST a queen size bed. We were SOOOOO excited when we found it in the back clearance area of a resale shop. We felt like we were giving it a good home. A lot of people don’t seem to appreciate stuff made of “real” wood anymore. They want everything to match. It makes me a little sad for the generation we’re living in. I don’t see ANY of our modern furniture lasting a hundred years like my bed did. 😉


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