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My Grandmanor Loved All Things Victorian

As I think of my grandmother, I think about the kind of person she was, the legacy that she left behind.  She was a firm believer that if you were old enough to sit up by yourself, you were old enough to enjoy your first cup of coffee, even if it was mostly milk with coffee added to it for coloring.

My great-grandmother's china. My grandmother gave me her mother's set shortly after my hubby and I were married. The pattern is subtle, pretty.

Along the way, I picked up her love coffee and of the past.  I like things that have a history to them surrounding me.

A hat pin holder. My grandmother bought this for me when I was about 10 yrs old. We were antiquing.

And while I will probably never share her passion for “cabbage roses,” I will always think of her whenever I see them adorn…anything.

Another one of great-grandma's tea cups. *These are cabbage roses.
Photo of my Grandmanor's room when she lived with my aunt.
Photo of my Grandmanor's room

I like mixing the VERY old with the VERY modern.  I lean towards furnishings that are old but have a contemporary feel.  I don’t have the patience for anything that’s too fussy.  Even still, I can see my grandmother’s influences on me.  I drink coffee copiously.  I also like to repurpose furniture.  I use a dressing table for a laptop desk.  I use a china cabinet for a linen closet.  My bed is from the turn of the century, and yes, there’s a quilt on it.  (My hubby made it!)  When I think of all the tiny ways she’s affected my life, it makes me smile.  🙂

2 thoughts on “My Grandmanor Loved All Things Victorian”

  1. oh, that cabbage rose teacup… it’s so pretty!!! 😀 (yeah, cabbage rose fan, I admit it 😉 )

    it’s neat seeing how she influenced you! my mother’s grandma died when I was 8 and though i remember her and we spent a lot of time with them, she was the kind of person that you never actually get to know. like I asked my mom once if grandma was good at art – (we all are, mom, me, the brother, my two cousins, etc) so it had to come from somewhere, and she had no idea. she never saw her draw or do anything like that except color in coloring books once in a blue blue moon. she cleaned house, cooked, etc until the last kid moved out then she gave up on life because she had nothing left to live for – which was when I knew her 😦

    my dad’s mom on the other hand was quite a character :0 she loved garage saleing and tacky, giant bobbly things – I have a lot of her tastes in jewelry, hee-hee!. she was awesome!


    1. It’s funny and strange how we’re affected by those that came before us. We have a lot of people in our family that are creative. I swear, lack of funds is THE leading cause of creativity on both sides of MY family! Sad, but true! 😉

      It’s great that you’ve been blessed with so many talented people all around you and a shame that your mother’s grandma never had a creative outlet for herself. I’d blame it on the time period she grew up in, it was a lot tuffer growing up back then, but I have friends of mine that don’t seem to have any creative outlet either. My great grandmother on my mom’s side raised 8 kids and still made all kinds of stuff out of cloth sugar sacks and flower sacks. She made her own patterns, etc. Again, no funds=creativity.

      Confession time, I have a thing for vintage jewelry. Not the “good stuff” that’s worth anything. I like OLD custume jewlery. I pick stuff up mostly at rummage sales. Old strings of fake pearls or beads, chunky bracellets, etc…yup, I’m THAT girl. 🙂 Sometimes it’s fun to “girly up” my wardrobe a little. 🙂


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