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Photos of Caskey-Mitchell Funeral Home in Stockbridge, Michigan

I took these photos back in October.  The hubby and I were in Stockbridge, Michigan. 

I LOVE old buildings.  I love the architecture.  The building for the Caskey-Mitchell funeral home was built in 1894, so I HAD to take a peak inside.  Yes, checking out historic funeral homes might be a tad creepy.  Lucky for us, there weren’t any loved ones being shown that day. 

Carriage house/garage


Side of funeral home near carriage house


Side view


I love the "tower" and the windows.
This house originally had a big porch on the front of it, before they put on the front addition. You can see pictures of the "old girl" on their website. I think this is the original front door, moved to the side.
Stained glass door, as seen from inside.
More stained glass.
Parlor area located in "tower."
Another parlor. Look at the stained glass! I love that!! 🙂
Hall with beautiful staircase. Look at the wood trim around the doors and near the floors. I love to see details like this.

2 thoughts on “Photos of Caskey-Mitchell Funeral Home in Stockbridge, Michigan”

  1. I thought so too! I know its probably a “little creepy” taking pics of a funeral home, but I’ve never been inside one where the Victorian details were still intact like this. I hate it when they take a beautiful old building and try to modernize it too much.


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