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Photos-On The Road in Michigan

So these were taken back in October.  The sun is shining in all of the Octoberphotos I’ve been posting.  Enjoy it.  This is a rare phenomenon here in Michigan.  Hubby was driving while I played with my camera.  Why you ask?  Why not!  😉

My hubby is such a good sport about these things.  He never even bothered to question WHY anyone would ever want to look at a road in Michigan. 

These were taken FAR away from the city, otherwise you’d be seeing photo after photo of orange barrels.  I think they’re our unofficial state flower!

Driving out of Stockbridge, Michigan. I'm riding shot-gun! 🙂





Downtown Pinckney, Michigan
Downtown Pinckney, Michigan
Whitmore Lake, Michigan. Whitmore Lake is the name of the lake and the town.


Wow!  It’s like riding in the car with us, without ever having to leave your sofa!  I knew this post would work!  😉

Have a great weekend everyone!!!


3 thoughts on “Photos-On The Road in Michigan”

  1. Awesome road shots! 😀

    heh-heh, your hubby and mine must have gone to the same hubby-training school. he doesn’t ask questions either, in fact he will often turn around or park across the deserted roads so I can get a better shot without having to get out 😉 (Yeah, I’m lazy like that)

    I love all the gorgeous colors!! #3 and wiltmore lake are my favorites for some reason.


    1. We have “family through friendship” relatives that live right along the lake of Whitmore Lk. It’s so beautiful and its a great lake for kids and adults (like me) who aren’t great swimmers. You can walk out at least 100 feet, and only be in waist high water.


  2. My hubby altered our route home the other day because he knew of a cool looking church and cemetery I hadn’t seen yet. Gotta love my hubby! He enables and encourages my craziness! LOL 🙂


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