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Hubby Pics: Part 2

More of my hubby’s pics!  I still haven’t learned my “valuable life lesson.”  Hubby is SOOOOOO happy!  He found out that the wallpaper he collaged together was on my zip drive.  He thought he lost it.  One of my work buddies blames  the whole keeping his pics even though he lost his hard drive thing on karma.  Hubby is ALWAYS helping others, so he has nothing but good karma coming his way.  I pointed out that I have lots of crappy stuff happen to me.  Their answer:  “See!  It is karma!”  Yeah….  😉

Hubby's Wallpaper

More hubby pics.  These pics were taken along the fence line of GM’s proving grounds in Milford, Michigan.  I grew up near here, so did my hubby.

Wild Turkeys! One is inside GM's fence line, the other is on the outside.


Wild Turkeys


More Wild Turkeys! Check the woods. I see at least seven in this shot.


I LOVE  hubby’s pics!  Have a great day!







2 thoughts on “Hubby Pics: Part 2”

  1. awesome shots!! glad they were saved 😀 I soooo need to back mine up…. have to back all my mom;s stuff up tonight when she comes over coz her pc won’t start but the HD seems okay… bleh.


    1. Hubby says, “It’s probably either the power supply or the mother board, not the end of the world.” I will take his word on this, because I know diddly poo-poo about computers! He said, “If you have the parts, you could probably have it up and running again in a couple of hours.” Again, I don’t know jack about computers! I can turn my laptop on. 🙂 Just quoting the hubby. Good luck to you and your mom!


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