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Ice Sculpture and Wood Carving Pics

These are pics I took on Sunday at the Plymouth Ice Spectacular 2012, in Plymouth Michigan.  It was cold out, but worth it.  Lots of talented artists.


More pics tomorrow!

Have a great day!


8 thoughts on “Ice Sculpture and Wood Carving Pics”

  1. the gnome is beautiful. We have carved trees over the city – our snow was not as pretty as yours either. Come on over and see my pics 😀


    1. The pics on your site are BEAUTIFUL! I’ve been to Canada MANY times, but I’ve never seen the carvings. Our snow was pretty while it lasted, now it’s just cold and dreary.


      1. You either get home from work very early or you can play on computer at work…I never could. The trees I mention are here in London so you would have to come visit me 😀 Yeah I like that puddle too and the sunset


        1. My work schedule is ALL over the place! Sometimes I work mornings, sometimes nights. I used to work a lot of mid-shifts, but not as much lately. On rare occasions, I’ll work a midnight shift. I don’t have Internet access at work. Most days I’m so busy at my job, I can’t even find time to eat! 🙂 Today, I had to be at work at 6 AM. I was playing with WordPress on my laptop while I was waiting for the coffee to do it’s thing before I left this morning. I can’t function without my coffee!

          Hubby and I have been to London, Canada. Very pretty area!


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