It's Another Vacation!

I’m back from vacation…

View from the balcony of our hotel room. Yes. That is a snowman. In June. Only in Michigan! LOL Our hotel was RIGHT next to Bronner’s, the “World’s Largest Christmas Store.”

Frankenmuth, Michigan is BEAUTIFUL, its own miniature Bavaria right here in the States.  This was the first vacation we’ve gone on as a family where we all stayed overnight in a hotel room.  Lovely time!!!  Kiddo was the right age for this kind of trip.SAM_0340 SAM_0335

Short post.  Lots of catching up to do!    🙂

Have a great day!




4 thoughts on “I’m back from vacation…”

    1. We’re not going to talk about how my vacation just happened to take place the same week as when you’re apartment flooded…because my coworkers INSIST Juli’s vacation curse is finally over. (Wishful thinking on their part.) 😉 Never mind that these SAME coworkers had two deaths in the family while I was away. But…at least there wasn’t a fire. Not this time! 🙂

      *Reminder: Juli’s Vacation curse doesn’t necessarily affect Juli. Mostly, it affects her friends and coworkers. (Sigh!)


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