It's Another Vacation!

I’m back from vacation…

Frankenmuth, Michigan is BEAUTIFUL, its own miniature Bavaria right here in the States.  This was the first vacation we've gone on as a family where we all stayed overnight in a hotel room.  Lovely time!!!  Kiddo was the right age for this kind of trip. Short post.  Lots of catching up to do!    :)… Continue reading I’m back from vacation…

Creative Space, It's Another Vacation!

Short post: Spending time with my Girls

I love having time to do the things I enjoy.  I've been trying to make time for creativity, but there's nothing like a vacation.  The last couple of days have been especially fun, editing wise.  I missed spending quality time with my female characters, that is.  It's strange.  I created them, but they've taken… Continue reading Short post: Spending time with my Girls

It's Another Vacation!, Life

Back Again, Sort of; I’m on Vacation!

Wow!  Has it really been a month?  Well, I’d love to share some fantastic news, and tell you all that I’m completely mended, that my wrist is “normal,” and moonbeams and ponies are flying out of my…nose, but…that’s not true.  Left wrist was feeling left out, and now I’m sporting a wrist support on both… Continue reading Back Again, Sort of; I’m on Vacation!